Milwaukee Brewers: Jimmy Nelson’s Early Exit Shows Need For Change


It was a scary night at Miller Park tonight as Milwaukee Brewers’ starting pitcher Jimmy Nelson was struck in the face with a line drive in the top of the third inning. Though he remained conscious and was able to get back to his feet quickly, it is moments like this that show there remains a need for a change in protection for pitchers.

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Nelson was replaced by David Goforth, finishing he night allowing four earned runs in two-plus innings of work. But the real story of tonight was the health of Nelson.

Yes, pitchers have pitched the same way for a long time without a helmet or protection, but with the speed that the ball comes back something should be done. With the speed of the ball coming back at Nelson, he had no chance to make any type of move. With pitchers throwing harder and harder and the ball coming back faster and faster off the bat, the MLB needs to continue to work on finding some type of way to keep their pitchers protected.

Things have not gone well for a majority of the season and this just adds to the brutal season in Milwaukee. There were not many initial updates on Nelson and while he appeared to be doing well right after, our thoughts and prayers go out to Nelson as we wish him a speedy recovery.

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