Milwaukee Brewers Make Wholesale Changes on Counsell’s Staff


The offseason for the Milwaukee Brewers is just a day old, but that doesn’t mean that moves are not ready to be made. Today the coaching staff took a major hit as five of the team’s coaches from this season were let go. With just Ed Sedar and Darnell Coles remaining, manager Craig Counsell will look to shape a whole new staff as the Brewers’ push towards a rebuild.

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By making these moves Counsell will now have a chance to fully mold his staff. While many don’t think that managers and a coaching staff makes a big difference, I am a firm believer in coaches setting the tone for the team.

McCalvy noted in a later tweet that Counsell’s goal is to build a great coaching staff that will teach and model his ideas. With many young players that will be coming through the organization throughout the next few years, this will be imperative for future success.

Filling out the rest of the staff is not expected to be a quick process, but some names have already begun to circulate as possible additions to the staff. Yesterday, McCalvy noted that Counsell’s former college coach, Pat Murphy whom Counsell already reportedly wanted beforehand is an option. Another possibility could be the newly fired, former Washington Nationals manager, Matt Williams who was a teammate of Counsell in Arizona.

This offseason will be a major time of change and today’s moves are a first step. With Counsell now controlling the reigns to build his staff, it will be exciting to see the new faces added to the fold.

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