Changes in Your Milwaukee Brewers Coverage at RtB


It all started with Shane Peterson.

My first post for Reviewing the Brew was discussed how his claim could spell the end for Logan Schafer. Since then I’ve written how the Brewers could be close to acquiring Jonathan Papelbon, asked you to buy into Jimmy Nelson, suggested that the Brewers’ need to trade Jonathan Lucroy, broke down the 2015 draft class, conducted several interviews, and have done my best to defend Khris Davis. Now, after more than 10 months and 230 posts later, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that this will be my final piece for RtB.

I’m extremely proud of the things I accomplished while serving as managing editor of Reviewing the Brew. RtB has become a fixture on MLBTradeRumors‘ “Baseball Blogs Weigh In” feature, has gotten link-backs from sites like, and consistently shows up on page one of Google. I’ve been a guest more than a dozen times on radio stations from here to New York City to talk about our beloved local nine. The site has undergone unprecedented growth this year, shattering the previous records for viewership along the way. I might be most proud of our Twitter page, which has nearly doubled in followers since I came aboard. I’ve tried to make it an interactive place and have done my best to bring you any breaking Brewers’ news, especially at the trade deadline.

I’d be remiss to think I could have accomplished all this myself, though. I’ve worked with a tremendous and talented staff at this space during my time here. My co-editor Pete Schwictenberg and staff writers Michael Trzinski, Steven Jewell, Jeff Servi, and Dylan Testin have all been just as instrumental in the growth of the site, and I’d like to thank all of them for their contributions.. I know that under Pete’s guidance, their hard work will continue and Reviewing the Brew will continue to be an excellent source for all things’ Brewers.

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I’d also like to thank Kyle Franzoni from FanSided, who recruited me for RtB and helped me land my first professional writing job. Aaron Somers and David Hill have been excellent resources while I’ve worked to hone my craft, as well. Finally, I want to thank our dedicated and loyal readers, without whom none of this would be possible (or very sensible).

I’ve greatly enjoyed my time with FanSided and Reviewing the Brew, but I’ve found my work schedule at my real job has become increasingly demanding, and along with the challenges of having two young children it has made it tough for me to dedicate the time needed to making the site great. The time comes for everyone to move on, and so I must. My writing will continue in a less-demanding role as an author over at, so I hope you readers will stop by once in awhile and check it out. I’ll also be doing some intermittent collaborating on, as well.

So, I guess this isn’t really a goodbye as much as it is a hopeful “I’ll see you later.” My work will be in a new location, but I’ll still be around Twitter at @brewerfan28, and you can always give me a follow if you want to talk baseball. I’m excited to see where my writing will take me, but I’ll never forget that my first stop was right here at Reviewing the Brew. Thank you all, again.

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