Milwaukee Brewers: Juan Uribe Makes Sense at Third


Juan Uribe is 37-years-old. He is a 15-year veteran. A post season regular. He has played on three World Series teams. Though he wouldn’t, barring a miracle be a part of a post season run in Milwaukee in 2016, he would be the perfect piece for a Milwaukee Brewers’ rebuild.

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Playing for six teams in his major league career, Uribe has been around the block a time or two. Though nothing he would bring to the Brewers on the field would be very meaningful in the future, his presence to the young middle infielders could be vital. As a long-time utility infielder, he could be a big time leader for players like Yadiel Rivera and Luis Sardinas who could find themselves all over the infield in Milwaukee.

In the short-term, Uribe could also be a presence in the lineup at third base where the position is currently wide open. Last season, he played 92 games at there and even saw some limited time at second as well. This is a similar role that he could play in Milwaukee.

In all last season, Uribe batted .253 with a .737 OPS, playing with three separate teams. The year prior. playing just in Los Angeles, Uribe batted .311 with a .777 OPS. While I wouldn’t look for big numbers from him on an everyday basis, he is not only a affordable veteran add, but someone who can be a strong bench option when not in the lineup, too.

Finally, by signing Uribe the Brewers would have a coveted veteran with playoff experience that they could flip for prospects by July. His 45-career post season games, ability to play around the infield and experienced bat off the bat will be in high demand come deadline time.

There are not many times that a soon to be 38-year-old veteran seems like a good idea, but with a slim market of third basemen Uribe does. His experience and ability to fill in at spots of need in Milwaukee makes Uribe sound like a great add, even for the rebuilding Brewers.