Milwaukee Brewers: Losing Byung-ho Park Bid Not All Bad


Yesterday, the Milwaukee Brewers lost out on another International free agent. While they again fell short in the bidding like they had with Yoan Moncada and Jose Abreu, here is a look at why losing out to the Minnesota Twins on the Byung-ho Park bid is not a big loss for the team.

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Yes, getting a big-time first baseman who could be a difference maker in the lineup would have not only jump-started an Adam Lind trade and also brought a possible answer to the future at the position, but the risk was just to much to take. Plugging in a high-priced player in a position for four-plus years could have been a big mistake had he struggled. Though his numbers in Korea are great, it is a lot of risk making him the future in an organization like Milwaukee.

By not getting him, the Brewers now have a chance to still give a player like Jason Rogers, who shined at the end of last season to see everyday playing time. Rogers has hit everywhere he has played and now (after an expected Lind trade is made) he has a shot to be the man in the major leagues.

Even if things wouldn’t work out with Rogers, I would much rather see the organization attempt to make a move for a corner infielder in a trade. By acquiring a young piece instead, they have a player who has a better shot to be a part of the future when they are consistently competitive, instead of getting someone who may be on his way out just in time for the team to consistently compete.

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It is exciting to see the Brewers constantly mentioned among teams that are in on these International players. While they have yet to win a big on one of these big-time free agents, it is not a big deal that they didn’t get Park. The time will come when they are finally able to reel in one of these big pieces, and in the long run it is a good thing that the time was not now.