Opening Day Countdown: Brewers Go 25 Innings in 1984


There are just 84 days left until Opening Day, and today Reviewing the Brew is going back to 1984. On Tuesday May 8th, 1984 the Brewers faced off against the Chicago White Sox. As each team took the field neither knew that the game wouldn’t be finished until the next day. The game started around 7 pm at Comiskey Park, in what should have been a normal night game in early May. However, after it was all said and done the entire game was far from normal.

The Brewers took a 3-1 lead in the 9th with a double from Robin Yount. Which he followed by stealing third and then was brought home on a single from Ben Oglivie. However, Chicago came back against Rollie Fingers, with Tom Paciorek getting to second on a dropped fly ball by Charlie Moore. Julio Cruz brought Paciorek in on a double to bring the game to 3-2. Cruz was brought in on a single by Rudy Law to tie the game 3-3.

After 17 innings of play the game was still tied 3-3 and play was halted at 1:05 AM for the AL Curfew. Later that day play resumed and Oglivie hit a three run homer in the 21st, on what should have ended the game, to give the Brewers a 6-3 lead. But in the bottom of the 21st the game was tied 6-6 when Rudy Law made it to second on a throwing error, Cartlon Fisk followed with a single, and then Marc Hill singled to left, the bases found themselves loaded when Harold Baines was walked. Finally a two-run single by Paciorek tied the game 6-6.

The game finally ended in the 25th when Harold Baines hit a solo homer to end the first 8 hour game in the history of MLB. Chuck Porter took the lost for the Brewers. While Tom Seaver, in his first relief appearance since 1976, got the victory for the Chicago White Sox.

Given that it seems like Opening Day is still a marathons length away, it seemed fitting to have this marathon Brewer game apart of the opening day countdown.

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