Counsell Ready for First Full Season


For the better part of the 2014 season, Ron Roenicke and the Milwaukee Brewers were destined to make the playoffs. That is until their catastrophic collapse in mid-August, which led to the team finishing third in the NL Central and ultimately missing a spot in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, when the 2015 season began, the losses continued to pour in. Roenicke’s squad posted a 7-18 record to start the season and with the NL Central being one of the most competitive divisions in all of baseball, former General Manager Doug Melvin was forced to make a change.

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Milwaukee Brewers fans were delighted to have a hometown hero take over the reigns. Craig Counsell has a great baseball mind and knows what it takes to win. He is a two-time World Series champion as a player, winning with the Florida Marlins in 1997 and the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001 (NLCS MVP). After taking over, Counsell led the Brewers to a 61-76 record, for taking over 25 games into the season, as a first-time manager in the MLB, that is a decent job.

Now that Counsell has settled in and knows his way around the clubhouse as the Skipper, look for a confident man to walk through the tunnel as the 2016 season gets under way. Also, understand with the new GM David Stearns making trades left and right, the Brewers are in full rebuild mode and it will take time for Counsell to feel out his new players to orchestrate the most productive line-up.