Milwaukee Brewers Rumors: Brewers Interested in Austin Jackson


The Brewers are amongst a field of suitors interested in Austin Jackson, according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick.

The Brewers are looking fill one of their two most unsettled positions with Jackson- Center Field. At his best, Jackson has good pop and good speed that go hand in hand with a quality defensive glove.

In his first three years in the league he had a 15 rWAR, giving teams a positive outlook on his future in the Show. Since then things have slowly trended downhill as Jackson has a line of .269/.319/.382 since 2013. In Jackson, the Brewers are looking for the value that he can return-a useful performer. The Brewers are rebuilding and Jackson can provide as a reliable day to day outfielder, anything more from Jackson would be a surplus ( positive, of course) of what the Brewers would be expecting of Jackson.

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Jackson is a capable center fielder with close to an average bat for the league. The Brewers are hoping for reliable day-to-day centerfielder and if Jackson exceeds expectations the Brewers could flip him for a positive return on investment.

Jackson is by far one of the top bargain free agents remaining. He posted .267/.311/.385 (95 OPS+), 9 HR, 17 SB, and had a 1.6 WAR in 2015. He’s projected to go .259/.317/.376 (91 OPS+), 7 HR, 12 SB, and 1.0 WAR in 2016. Despite going from boom to almost bust, he still remains a steady bat, going better against lefties than righties, but, as the saying goes (the one about beating a dead horse), he remains a viable defensive option. He’s only 28, playing in what should be the prime of his career, and it’s still possible for him to flip career track around and be a quality bargain pick up on the Brewers part.