Milwaukee Brewers: 2016 Outlook

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The number crunchers over at FanGraphs have completed their projections for every MLB player and thus have released their annual projections.

Last year the Milwaukee Brewers finished 68-94 and finished 4th in the NL Central. However, FanGraphs has predicted an NL Central worse record of 71-91. Though that’s not the greatest record I think it’s about the best thing to happen to Brewers, think about it’s hard to be disappointed at all with no expectations. Usually, this correlates to being much happier throughout the season.

Although FanGraphs predicts the Brewers will have the worst record in the NL Central, they’re putting the Reds just two games ahead at 73-89 and the Pirates at twelve games ahead with an 83-79 record. So it’s entirely possible that the Brewers don’t finish last in the NL Central after all and have a better than expected season.

These win-loss predictions are based on the predicted collected performance value of each individual player on the 40-man roster, so we’re going to look at the major and minor changes that the Brewers have made to their personnel and discuss the impact each of the off-season moves might have.  I would ask you what you think but only a short couple months into his tenure and Stearns has been highly praised for his moves so far.

Note: Since this article is based on hypothetical performances that haven’t happened yet, the conclusions will be heavily based on the WAR stat, because how else are we going to fairly judge them?

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