Milwaukee Brewers: Caps throughout the Years

The MLB recently released the uniforms teams will be wearing for spring training, and the Brewers by far have the coolest retro look going, but here are Reviewing the Brew we are going to take look at the caps throughout Brewers history and give our input on them. You can find all of these uniforms at SportsLogos.Net, the Brewers uniforms being found here.  Oh, and we are simply going to look at the caps for different eras throughout Brewer history (in case you were wondering).




This is by far the most bland cap logo ever. It’s like I’m looking at a University of Michigan cap, and unfortunately one thing I have come to love over the last couple years is the unique hats and jerseys that MLB and MiLB teams pull out to wear, I’m so glad that MLB didn’t use this for the Brewers retro look this year.



Yeah, this is just alternate colors to the first cap…so yeah… it’s as if I went to the ballpark and got a hotdog with no mustard- it’s just wrong.



The classic ball-glove-hand-B-M logo that the Brewers are known for. Yet, the yellow background seems to do it a disservice, almost. It’s like they’re trying to make the best logo ever better, and to me, that doesn’t work all that well.



Here it is. The epitome of the Brewers logo, by far what people think when they think of the Brewers. It’s one of the best logos in sports history, hands down. It’s a hat, a ball, a glove, a B and a M, need I say more?



I have no idea, honestly I don’t. There’s a B and M, got it. This is fascinating, it is. Someone probably thought it was a good idea, but it’s fugly. There’s no beating around that bush.



See above (don’t really it’s not worth, I promise).




Okay, improvement. Well, that’s not fair, anything is improvement from ’94-’96, so it’s like a back handed compliment. We had the best logo ever, hands down and we’ve gotten to this!!??!?! What happened…



Ok, the white M didn’t work, let’s try a gold one! Nope, that isn’t working either. In 1993 didn’t they have the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” because it sure doesn’t seem like it.



Well apparently people did like the Gold M better…


JK! Like a basic white girl, I can’t even.



Okay, this is better, at least there is a beer barley under there, and Milwaukee is known for its beer after all. I can dig this.



Here we go! Finally some sense has been knocked into someone! Hands down the best logo ever and its back in Miller Park on the ball players uniforms.



The dark blue better suits the classic Brewers logo than the light blue. The light blue is too bright and I’ve never really been a fan of it. 2016 and we finally have the best Brewers cap in history.


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