Brewers 2016: Fantasy Outlook


The Brewers are rebuilding and it there’s little indication that they’ll have a playoff run next season, but what does that do for their fantasy implications coming into next season?

Note*: All projections are via CBS Sportsline

Let’s start with Ryan Braun:

2016 Fantasy Projections 

Average -.281

Home Runs – 24

RBIs – 84

Runs – 82

Fantasy Points – 453.40

Braun is coming off of offseason back surgery and after coming off his thumb injury it looked like Braun was starting to turn things around, but backs can affect swinging ability and power, Braun is someone who I’d let go into the 7th round if I were picking him up at all.

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Jonathan Lucroy

2016 Fantasy Projections

Average -.263

Home Runs – 14

RBIs – 66

Runs – 72

Fantasy Points – 382

Coming off a second half season where he finally started to get it going, the lack of a core lineup is what will hurt Lucroy’s fantasy points the most. There’s no one to protect him and he won’t have much to work for in turns of creating RBI’s and runs. He’s the 4th ranked catcher by CBS but I’d put him ahead of Brian McCann in terms of value.

Will Smith

2016 Fantasy Projections 

ERA – 3.16

WHIP – 1.27

K – 76

S – 28

Smith is by far the best reliever in the bullpen and with KRod gone, I’d look for him going forward this season to be the closer. You could have Jeremy Jeffress as a potential closer or even Corey Knebel (whom the Brewers acquired from the Tigers). Although Knebel was drafted for the role of closer and he’s prone to giving up home runs he could find himself in the closer role and Smith staying in his current role.  In terms of fantasy value, though, I’d be hard-pressed to think of any situation this season where you’d take Knebel over Smith for one of your relief positions.

Here are the projections for Corey Knebel and Jeremy Jeffress

Corey Knebel 

2016 Fantasy Projections 

ERA – 3.03

WHIP – 1.07

K – 41

S – 0

Jeremy Jeffress

2016 Fantasy Projections 

ERA – 2.61

WHIP – 1.23

K – 69

S – 1