The Other Milwaukee Brewers


Before the Brewers played in Miller Park, before they even played in Milwaukee County Stadium, there was another “Milwuakee Brewers” who played their games in Milwaukee. They were a minor league team who played in the American Association from 1902-1952 before they were replaced by the major league Milwaukee Braves.

The Milwaukee Brewers (of the American Association origin) were founded in 1902 after the American League Brewers moved to St. Louis and became the St. Louis Browns. The first AA title for the Brewers would come in 1912, followed again in 1913, followed by a drought of titles for nearly twenty years, winning their next title in 1936 when they were affiliated with the Cleveland Indians. They would again then win three consectutive pennants from ’43-’45 and go on toi become an affiliate with the Boston Red Sox. One notable member of the Milwaukee Brewers was Jim Thorpe, whom he played one season for in 1916 before he went back to the New York Giants.

The minor league Brewers featured the Barrel Man (as you can see below):

MilwaukeeBrewers(minor_league_baseball_team)Logo /

and their cap featured the classic M (as, again, seen below):


The Milwaukee Brewers were best known under the ownership of Bill Veeck, who purchased the Brewers in 1941.  In an attempt to attract to as many fans as possible Veeck implored a number of different gimmicks including giving away live animals, schedule morning games  for the night workers,  and had weddings right at home plate. Jolly Grimm was the original  manager of the Milwaukee Brewers under Veeck but would eventually be replaced by Casey Stengal who would go onto win an AA pennant with the Brewers and reserructing (what some thought was dying) managerial career. Veeck would go on to sell the Brewers in 1945 after they won 3 pennants in 5 years.

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The city of Milwaukee wanting to attract a MLB team back to the city would build Milwaukee County Stadium in 1952, Lou Perrini would move the Atlanta Braves to Milwaukee and the minor league Brewers would move to Toledo where they would become the Toledo Sox (an incarnate of the Toledo Mud Hens).