Brewers Trade Rumors: Khris Davis headed to Oakland


Susan Slusser of The SF Chronicle is reporting that Khris Davis is headed to Oakland in a trade.

While there has been no official word yet it looks Davis is headed to Oakland and Stearns still isn’t done making moves in the rebuild. Davis hit .247/.323/.505 with 27 home runs in 2015. Davis has shown as a strong bat but has shown that there is a weakness in his arm, as he hasn’t had the greatest defensive stats.

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Update: The Brewers are getting Bubba Derby and Jacob Nottingham

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The Brewers are trading Khris Davis for C Jacob Nottingham and RHP Bubba Derby. Nottingham is just another sign that the Brewers are preparing to move on from Jonathan Lucroy. Although this is the second team he has been traded to this winter, so that isn’t exactly the beast sign. Nottingham hit .326/.387/.354 last year for the Quad City River Bandits with 10 HRs and 46 RBIs in 230 AB.

Bubba Derby posted a 0.78 ERA in 34.2 IP last season with Vermont in the New York-Penn League striking out 45 while giving up 2 HRs.

Stearns has certainly showed that he is still making moves in the rebuilding process and that once again, “no veteran” is safe while it certainly seems like Braun will never go. It’s certainly reasonable that every other veteran who is pre-Stearns era could very well be traded away. Davis meanwhile was in the final year of his pre-arbitration eligibility and is finding himself with Oakland.

Both Derby and Nottingham have joined a stack development system that the Brewers have been steadily improving over the course of the last year and this latest trade is further evidence that the Brewers are fully committed to rebuilding and bringing a World Series  to the Brewers under David Stearns.

In the trade that sends Khris Davis to Oakland, the Brewers get two top 15 prospects from the A’s and continue to stay on pace for their fast track rebuild.