Levering and Grindle Join Uecker for 2016 Season


As Joe Block announced he’d be leaving the Brewers broadcast at the end of January, fans across Wisconsin wondered who would take his place and take a seat next to the irreplaceable Bob Uecker. A familiar name was announced the same day, Jeff Levering, who had spent the 2015 season on air with Joe Block on the road throughout the season.

Block spent four seasons with the Crew and left a message via Twitter to thank fans back on January 30th before moving onto the Pittsburgh Pirates broadcast. Although Levering is no surprise to Brewers fans with Block leaving, a hole was left with who was going to replace the 3rd man on the road.

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Yesterday, Lane Grindle was announced as the next member of the radio broadcast team. He will essentially take Levering’s place on the road. As most fans are already familiar with Levering, Grindle is not so much of a familiar local name. So, who is Lane Grindle?

His mainstay has been Nebraska sports as he’s been play-by-play for their baseball team and the public address announcer at Memorial Stadium for the University of Nebraska football team. Grindle commented about the position through Nebraska’s Lincoln Journal Star:

"“When this opportunity came open, I felt like this is one I have to take a swing at,” he said. “I think the most exciting thing for me, on a professional level, is the chance to be around and work with Bob Uecker.”"

I think most fans would agree on that one. He also welcomed and thanked fans via Twitter.

As the 2016 season rolls around Brewers fans have already seen plenty of change, but one thing is for sure that Bob Uecker will be back, and that’s always something for fans to look enjoy. But, nonetheless Levering will build off his experience of the road last year, and Grindle will be another fresh face (I mean, voice!) to the Crew this upcoming season.