What to do with Colin Walsh?

Colin Walsh is still an unanswered question for the Brewers, and it needs to be answered sooner rather than later.

A rule 5 pick back in December, Colin Wash raised the eyebrows of the Brewers with his gaudy .302/.447/.470 slash line (487 AB) for AA Midland of the Oakland Athletics in 2015.

But, as George wrote, he needs to make the team and stay on the team all season. Here’s why he should:

Walsh offers a unique skill set (getting on-base) to a Brewers team that ranked 25th in on-base percentage last year.

He’s a switch-hitter whose primarily played 2b in his minor league career. He has limited experience at 3b (63 games), but he showed excellent range during Spring Training yesterday.

Mandatory Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

In a perfect world, Walsh would platoon with Scooter Gennett at 2b–Scooter hits lefties to a tune of .124/.147/.150–Yikes.

Aaron Hill is going to get the first crack at 3b to start the season for the Brewers. For the last two years combined, though, Hill has managed to hit .238/.290/.359 I’m all for the Brewers starting the season with Hill to see if they can raise his trade value (think Parra to the Orioles last year). But once Hill is (hopefully) traded during the season, I think Walsh would be a decent gamble to take (not to mention their other in-house, young options).

Maybe Walsh is a poor man’s Jeff Cirillo or maybe he’s another Bob Hamelin, but the only for the Brewers to know is if he plays.


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