Milwaukee Brewers: Sky Sox Leaving Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs hasn’t treated the Milwaukee Brewers AAA Affiliate kindly, and the Ownership group is looking to leave.

The Milwaukee Brewers Triple-A Affiliate has had well-known problems in Colorado Springs. Most notably, the failed attempts to replace and old and deteriorating stadium. The group which owns the Sky Sox has confirmed that they plan to relocate the team to Texas within the next three years, specifically to San Antonio.

Before the Brewers became affiliated with the Sky Sox, the Rockies held an affiliation with the Sky Sox (which made WAY more sense) for twenty-two years. The High altitude made the Sky Sox park hitter friendly and set back the arms of pitchers.

Another factor working against the Sky Sox is that the Brewers affiliation ends at the end of this year, and unless they explicitly state the intention to move, the Sky Sox affiliation doesn’t make much sense for the Brewers (their playing environment is better suited for Rockies prospects than Brewer prospects).

While the referenced report doesn’t mention the Spring Sox, it references the Mayor of San Antonio Ivy Taylor who said Thursday: “Today I’m so excited to announce that the Elmore Group has committed to bring a Triple-A franchise to San Antonio to play in a new downtown stadium for the 2019 season”.

The Elmore Group only owns one AAA Team (the Sky Sox), so one can deduce that the Sky Sox are moving to San Antonio in the next three years, which also affects the current AA team there. It would seem that the Elmore Group realizes this is the best move for the Sky Sox (even if they aren’t affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers after this season).

The Sky Sox have had declining attendance in recent years and as said before they have had troubles getting the funding for a much needed new stadium. The move to San Antonio gives them the opportunity to have a new stadium, as well it would bolster their chances of revamping their attendance numbers. Ultimately, the move is right for the Sky Sox, and will be a deciding factor for the Milwaukee Brewers to consider in renewing (or not renew) their affiliation with the Sky Sox.

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