Milwaukee Brewers: Is Being the Least Intolerable Fan Base a Compliment?

Jul 2, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; A pair of Milwauikee Brewers fans enjoy their team
Jul 2, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; A pair of Milwauikee Brewers fans enjoy their team /

Milwaukee Brewers’ fans were ranked last in a recent article from Thrillist, which ranked the worst MLB fans in the league.

Milwaukee Brewers’ fans are primarily the most tolerable fans in all of baseball. Although right away I thought that was a compliment, reading it more I got the feeling we were almost too nice. But before I go further let’s set a few things straight before I get any comments on how this is a hate article against Milwaukee Brewers’ fans as:

  1. I enjoy going to games with those that simply enjoy the game and have a few beers and love cheering on their home team.
  2. I do not want to go to a game where swear words are thrown at the players, the other teams fans or any types of threats are made.

…and these two things are exactly what most Milwaukee Brewers fans do well (For the most part…I can’t speak for all!).For example, I don’t ever want to be on the side of a team like the St. Louis Cardinals that goes haywire over a former player signing with the rivalry and giving them threats online like Jason Heyward. (And I’m not saying all Cardinals fans are bad by the way, but you were pretty high on the list for a reason)

Specifically, in my experiences going to Milwaukee Brewers games I’ve sat down amongst fans I hadn’t a clue who they were, but after a few beers, we certainly had some good talks.

If they were of an older age, we talked about the good ole’ days of the Brewers, Uecker jokes, and how they don’t know if they’ll see their team get to the World Series again.

Or young ones referencing sabermetric stats and laughing about how the Milwaukee Brewers are getting behind (before David Stearns took over).

But, as the article mentions, there are the ones who are very nice and just waiting for Packers season and want to be outside and have a few drinks, and that’s maybe where I felt like being the least intolerable was almost too nice in a way.

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Maybe it’s growing up in a place like Wisconsin where football dominates, so it’s just the way it is where it’ll always be the first choice of sports. But, when you watch games for out west teams say like the Seattle Mariners, who carry big “Ks” signs for Felix Hernandez.

Or they go nuts every time he gets a strikeout.

Or watching Oakland A’s fans shake loud cowbells especially during weekends or playoff type games in such a rough ballpark for a team with lack of money, you wish your fellow fans had that type of energy.

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But, first things first. A team has to win for fans to show more energy and get healthy support.  But, it always helps when you have players who love the fans too.

(Remember Andrew Bogut’s Squad 6?) So, in the rebuilding years for the Milwaukee Brewers, it’ll be awhile to get more fans to come, which is understandable.

And that’s why we’re such a homegrown football state. They simply win more (and deep history in the game doesn’t hurt).

I don’t exactly mean that Brewers fans should be on the Top 10 of Most Intolerable List (and I never want us to be!).

But when the young prospects come up throughout the upcoming years, maybe we’ll go back to my younger years and do things like serve up some sort of big “O” like (Lyle) Overbay, even when we knew we were no type of playoff team.

So, it’s all on you Demi Orimoloye. If you live up to your hype in 5 years, we’ll all be saying OOOOOOOO-rimoloye!!! Now we’ll just need to learn how to pronounce your last name and then maybe other MLB fans will notice we’re more than just nice.