Milwaukee Brewers: Reed Starts In Center Field In Colorado Springs

The ever growing saga of “send Broxton down and bring up Reed” within the Milwaukee Brewers Organization took another turn last night as Michael Reed started last night in Center Field.

As Keon Broxton continues to struggle at the plate (he hasn’t got a single hit this season), there are many who have started the bandwagon to bring red-hot Michael Reed up from Colorado Springs and send Broxton down to Colorado Springs.

Reed has mostly played right field in the minors, and his strong arm power and speed give him the ability to play in center field. However, as noted by the MLB Pipeline scouting report. His lack of power has prevented him from playing daily in center field.

It’s entirely possible that the Milwaukee Brewers just want to put the fire under Broxton and used last night as a way to do that. However, it’s more likely that it’s just the Brewers putting into place the eventual replacement of Broxton. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that one start at center and Reed is going to be called up to Miller Park.

However, if Reed continues to get playing time at center field and continues as playing as well as he is, then (if Broxton is still struggling) we’d see the Milwaukee Brewers call up Reed and send Broxton down to Colorado Springs.

With that being said, Broxton has been playing bad, and I mean BAD. As much as everyone talks about how bad Wily has been. Broxton has only gotten on base twove this season (and those were by walks). Granted, Peralta is an established big league player and Broxton isn’t, but Broxton is supposedly suffering from stage fright.

He’s gone 0-16 with eleven strikeouts. Even for a Milwaukee Brewers team that’s rebuilding, they need progress. You can be bad and show progress, but 0-16 and eleven strikeouts is far from that. It’s not quite time to give up on Broxton, but the Brewers are showing they’re getting plan B ready.


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