Biloxi Shuckers Spotlight Week 2 – OF Victor Roache

Apr 14, 2016; St. Louis, MO, USA; A detailed view of the Milwaukee Brewers on deck circle in a game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. The Cardinals won the game 7-0. Mandatory Credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 14, 2016; St. Louis, MO, USA; A detailed view of the Milwaukee Brewers on deck circle in a game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. The Cardinals won the game 7-0. Mandatory Credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports /

The Biloxi Shuckers continued to keep their hot streak going as they went 5-2 over the past week with the help of some big games from OF Victor Roache, this week’s spotlight.

It’s difficult to pick out just one player among the Biloxi Shuckers prospects as they continue to play well and seemed to not take one step back from their start of the season. That shows directly in the standings as they took the top spot this week at 12-4, 2.5 games ahead of Pensacola Blue Wahoos (CIN AA). As Josh Hader and Wei-Chung Wang had great starts once again, they could’ve easily taken the spotlight this week. But, many of Victor Roache’s numbers are at the top among a group of hitters that are at the top prospect list for the Milwaukee Brewers, so he takes the spotlight for week 2.

OF Victor Roache

.300/.364/.550 / 1 HR/4 RBIs / 4 BBs/15 Ks

After 9 games, Victor Roache had okay numbers, but scouts are looking for him to have a big jump this year as there’s a lot of question marks as to what kind of player he’ll be for the Milwaukee Brewers in the future. With a battling line of .238/.333/.571, after 9 games, scouts had to be glad it was way too early in the season to make any sort of judgement. Two games in a row going 3-4 will help anyone’s numbers no matter what point in the season and hopefully it’ll be exactly what Victor Roache needs to get a good streak going. His highlights so far have certainly been doubles as he by far leads the club with 7 as the 3 are tied at 3 behind him. He has outdone Brett Phillips in the batting line in nearly every spot besides OBP. Not a bad OF to outdo.

P Josh Hader

13 IP / 0.69 ERA / 6 BBs / 19 Ks

Somehow Wei-Chung Wang seems to be getting closer to Josh Hader, even though Hader just did exactly what he’s been doing the whole season. 4 IP, 7 Ks, and 3 BBs in his start this week. Not bad at all. The one problem for Hader is getting in high count situations, which hasn’t allowed him to get deeper into ball games. But, for a young pitcher, it’s good to find these type of issues early on and see if he’s able to adapt later in the season.

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P Wei-Chung Wang

16 IP / 1.69 ERA / 7 BBs / 14 Ks

Wang has been able to be just as impressive as Josh Hader and last week his 2 ERs were his only runs in the past two starts. He nearly leads the team in IP with 16 as only Javier Salas has 16.1 to barely beat him out. Tough to evaluate the K-BB% this early in the season, but for fun Hader has a 24.5% compared to Wang’s 11.1%. No matter what, if Wei-Chung Wang keeps pitching this way, there’ll be no complaints from Milwaukee Brewers scouts.

Brett Phillps

.275/.383/.431 / 1 HR/8 RBIs / 8 BBs/20 Ks

Brett Phillips had a hot start to the season and social media shows a cold hitting streak this week doesn’t mean he lost any of his laughter. Only going 2-16 has dropped some of his numbers, but baseball is a long season and his batting line is still solid. He’ll just have to watch his Ks as he’s 6 ahead of his next teammate, Victor Roache, which is not a 1st place mark you want to take.

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OF Tyrone Taylor

.228/.267/.333 / 1 HR/1 RBI / 3 BBs/10 Ks

Tyrone Taylor has been much like Brett Phillips this week, but getting on base in any fashion has been a problem. Just 3 hits and 1 walk overall (Phillips had 4 BBs). It’s tough to believe Taylor is 3rd on the team in total bases with 19 with only 2 BBs, but if Taylor does one thing right is not strikeout a lot as he’s had 54 PAs (most on team) and just 10 Ks. But, an overall OBP of .268 just doesn’t cut it for any player and he’s hoping to have a bounce back week to get his numbers up.

C Jacob Nottingham

.125/.192/.271 / 2 HRs/5 RBIs / 3 BBs/14 Ks

Although, Jacob Nottingham’s numbers aren’t quite up there with his teammates Josh Hader and Brett Phillips, you certainly can tell he’s still part of the team. And even when your numbers are down, when you win, it’s still fun. But, Nottingham hasn’t gotten off to a hot streak quite yet as he had 3 hits and 1 BB, and at least 1 K in each game this past week. To be positive, he still leads the team in HRs with 2 and I’m sure most Milwaukee Brewers fans agree he’ll get his numbers up soon. Too early to pull out any magic tricks.

LHP Hobbs Johnson

Hobbs Johnson added 2 ERs to his stats and raised his ERA to 5.68, but came back to settle it down a bit over the next two outings to get it back down to 4.50. His BBs (5) almost even up to his Ks (7). But, more importantly Milwaukee Brewers fans have to wonder the reason he went on the 7-day DL on April 21st. No information has been released as to the reason why, but hopefully it’s temporary and there’s better news to come next week.

Other notes:

Jorge Ortega made his case to be on the list as after 3 starts, his ERA is impressive at 1.53. Right up there with Hader and Wang and he outdoes them both with 0 BBs so far. Nate Orf “cooled” off a bit as his OBP lowered to a mere .438. His teammates don’t mind as he’s the only one whose BBs are in the double digits with 10 now, but he made sure his OBP didn’t get too low as he had 5 hits this past week.