Milwaukee Brewers: Biloxi Shuckers Week 3 – LHP Josh Hader Doesn’t Cool Down

Jul 16, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; United States pitcher Josh Hader (17) delivers a pitch against the Dominican Republic during the 2015 Pan Am Games at Ajax Pan Am Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 16, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; United States pitcher Josh Hader (17) delivers a pitch against the Dominican Republic during the 2015 Pan Am Games at Ajax Pan Am Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports /

If any sort of streak isn’t getting old, it’s the Biloxi Shuckers winning and staying ahead of the pack in the Southern League. This week they went 4-2 and have a total record of 16-6, the best record of all the Milwaukee Brewers minor league affiliates.

While the first two weeks it seemed pretty easy to pick out a player as it was much like a talent show where there was so many to choose from, this was an odd one as Josh Hader clearly outdid the rest. Although, wins are no doubt the most important for any team, the prospects overall were average. Josh Hader’s 0.69 ERA got a bit higher, but over 2 starts he gave up 1 run and stretched out one of his starts going 6 IP. Being tied for 2nd in the Southern League in ERA makes it an easy call for this week’s top Milwaukee Brewers AA prospect.

LHP Josh Hader

23 IP / 0.78 ERA / 9 BBs / 32 Ks

Josh Hader went 4 IP with 87 pitches on Sunday and then 6 IP with 89 pitches yesterday. He racked up 13 Ks in both games combined and was able to go deep into the start yesterday, one of the very few concerns any Milwaukee Brewers fan might have looking at the stats. Although, it’s easy to want perfection out of any player coming up through the system, it’s pretty amazing no matter at what level. While the Milwaukee Brewers continue to have pitching issues recently, it’s nice to see a positive development somewhere in their pitching department in their farm system.

OF Brett Phillips

.257/.360/.365 / 1 HR/13 RBIs / 11 BBs/28 Ks

While it’s difficult to put any sort of ranking this past week as the Biloxi Shuckers hitters (especially) were at an even level, Brett Phillips was productive not only getting runs in (5 RBIs) this past weeks, but also making sure the playing field was safe for everyone getting the possum off the field for everyone to focus back on the game. But, Phillips needs to watch out for his Ks as he had 8 this past week and is 4th in Southern League. But, no matter how he plays, somehow Brett Phillips will get some fun attention from fans.

OF Victor Roache

.302/.373/.491 / 1 HR/4 RBIs / 6 BBs/15 Ks

It’s tough to put Victor Roache down the list when he has an average week. Although, he didn’t produce any RBIs for the Biloxi Shuckers, he continued to get on base with 4 hits and 2 BBs and keep his OBP above Brett Phillips at .373. After his hot streak last week, it’s good to see him stay solid and not have a poor report where his numbers hit a rough patch.

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OF Tyrone Taylor

.244/.279/.329 / 1 HR/1 RBI / 4 BBs/14 Ks

Tyrone Taylor’s week was much like Victor Roache’s as he was solid and simply not much to report on. But, he wants to be much like Roache in the way of getting his OBP up as he had 7 hits, but just 1 BB. His OBP of .279 certainly needs to get higher in order for scouts to be impressed much like they are of Phillips and Roache up to this point in the season.

LHP Wei-Chung Wang

22 IP / 3.27 ERA / 8 BBs / 18 Ks

It’s certainly unfair to put Wei-Chung Wang this low on the list after just one rough start when he’s played great throughout the season. Giving up 5 ERs in 6 IP, his ERA went from 1.69 all the way up to 3.27. But, at some point we all knew it would happen and numbers have to be realistic. But, a 3.27 ERA is impressive and a bounce back start will certainly put him right back up on the list. In the start, he had only 1 BB, the lowest of his 4 starts this season. So, one positive note at least.

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C Jacob Nottingham

.159/.243/.270 / 2 HRs/7 RBIs / 6 BBs/18 Ks

It’s Week 3 doing the Biloxi Shuckers report and Jacob Nottingham is the one I’m most hopeful to have his name in the headline. With 4 hits, 2 RBIs, and 3 BBs this past week, he has gotten on base more often, so he may be starting to get there. His teammate, 1B Nick Ramirez hit his 2nd HR this past week, so it can’t be said Nottingham is at least the HR leader for the Biloxi Shuckers. One month down and hopefully that means Nottingham has a fresh month to put in some solid numbers.

LHP Hobbs Johnson

10 IP / 7.20 ERA / 7 BBs / 9 Ks

The good news about Hobbs Johnson is being activated from the DL. The not so good news was coming back and pitching on the 29th and giving up 4 ERs in 2 IP. With the injury, it’s going to be tough to judge for scouts what to make of Johnson and if he’ll develop in the relief pitcher role, but only time will tell. There will certainly be more to report, the more innings he gets to pitch.

Other notes:

P Jorge Ortega seems to be begging to get the headline as he seems to be a pitcher to go in and do his job and not get the credit. On Friday, he pitched 5 innings, giving up 0 ER, 0 BBs, 5 Ks. The 0 BBs part continues to be the most impressive as in 4 starts he’s pitched 22.2 innings with 0 BBs. As 2B Nate Orf and his OBP (.440) is always a good one to make note of, 1B Nick Ramirez is starting to show some power with his 2 HRs and getting up there with the other leaders in TBs at 24. While both hitters are 26, it’s never too late to make a push to get up to the big leagues.