Milwaukee Brewers: The Weakest Starters in the ERA-FIP Comparison


Over the month of April, the Milwaukee Brewers’ biggest weakness was their pitching and FanGraphs shows it with their ERA-FIP graph as they rank at the bottom.

FanGraphs has a pretty simple graph system to show just how great and how weak MLB teams have been over the past month or so of the season in their starting and relief pitching. The Milwaukee Brewers starting pitching is last in all of MLB in ERA at 6.32 ERA. Closest to them is the Arizona Diamondbacks with a 5.62 ERA.

The Fielding Independent Pitching or FIP isn’t much better as the Milwaukee Brewers have 5.63. 2nd to last is division rivalry, the Cincinnati Reds at 5.62. This year, starting pitching was expected to be a struggle, so who’s having the biggest struggle the first month?

Going by ERA / FIP

  1. Taylor Jungmann – 9.15 / 6.02 (Recently called down to AAA)
  2. Zachary Davies – 8.78 / 5.54 (3 starts total)
  3. Wily Peralta – 7.40 / 5.45
  4. Chase Anderson – 5.55 / 5.94
  5. Jimmy Nelson – 3.16 / 5.30

Last year the Milwaukee Brewers were 28th. Only the Philadelphia Phillies and the Colorado Rockies were lower than them. So, I guess this isn’t much of a surprise and I’m sure more new names than SP Junior Guerra will be added throughout the season.

Now, let’s take a look at the graph in their relief pitching department.

Although, once again I’m not expecting the Milwaukee Brewers to be in the top 5 in basically any positive team stat, I’d like to think the relief pitching would’ve stretched them out a bit from the bottom. But, let’s break it from worst to best.

Going by ERA / FIP

  • Ariel Pena – 27.00 / 30.07 (1.2 IP)
  • Sam Freeman – 12.91 / 7.89
  • Chris Capuano – 4.50 / 7.42
  • Carlos Torres – 4.26 / 6.15
  • Tyler Cravy – 3.18 / 1.30
  • David Goforth – 3.00 / 3.40
  • Tyler Thornburg – 2.89 / 3.92
  • Blaine Boyer – 2.84 / 4.65
  • Jeremy Jeffress – 2.79 / 3.48
  • Michael Blazek

    – 2.45 / 4.61

    More from Reviewing the Brew

    The FIP stat is where the Milwaukee Brewers relief pitching is at its weakest and Sam Freeman, Chris Capuano, and Carlos Torres are roughing up the overall numbers. Surprisingly, this is an area that can see improvement as about half the list has solid numbers, but we no doubt still and will miss the arm of Will Smith.

    Overall, the graph might not be the most appealing for Milwaukee Brewers fans to look forward to, but certainly a good reminder as to what the team needs to keep working on. It’ll take a good number of years, but hopefully with some time we can at least take ourselves off the bottom of the list.