Milwaukee Brewers: Aaron Hill Helping Through Their Rebuild

Despite people questioning why the Milwaukee Brewers have 34-year old Aaron Hill still on their roster, he’s showing that he’s a valuable asset to the team.

Hill was brought to Milwaukee in part of the trade which sent Jean Segura to the Diamondbacks. In that time, Hill has provided veteran mentorship to the younger players on the roster but has struggled defensively.

This has lead to some questioning why the Milwaukee Brewers still have Hill on the roster, despite the fact that the players who could replace him AREN’T that much better for Milwaukee.

On Saturday however, Hill’s bat came to life as he homered in three straight at-bats, including a grand slam in the seventh.

Hill followed this with a Sunday against the Reds where he went 1-for-4 bringing his current hitting streak to eight straight games as of this writing.

Colin Walsh started against the Marlins tonight at third-base, and Hill was given the night off, keeping his streak intact.

Against the Reds on Saturday Hill went 7-for-14 including three homers and eight RBIs. His defense for the Milwaukee Brewers has been a totally different story as his DEF is -1.6 Runs (per FanGraphs), putting him in 62/68 among third baseman with at least ten at-bats.

He doesn’t even make the list of twenty-six of qualified third-baseman, to put just how bad he has been defensively into perspective.

The best suitors to replace Hill, Colin Walsh, and Hernan Perez both post a DEF of 0.3 on that same list, but both are prospects and rebuilding isn’t about throwing your prospects to the wolves.

If Hill continues to have dismal numbers, it makes sense to demote him, or try and trade them (the latter may be more difficult for the Milwaukee Brewers), but how well Hill has been playing has been enough to keep the other options at bay, at least for now.

Aaron Hill provides a veteran experience that is valuable for the younger guys to learn from, as well he has been a productive major league hitter as of late.

He is showing that despite many errors on the defensive side of the ball, he is still providing valuable help for the Milwaukee Brewers through their rebuilding process.

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