Milwaukee Brewers Twitter Is As Bad as Wily’s Pitching

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how bad Wily Peralta has been pitching, and according to Today’s Knuckleball the Milwaukee Brewers Twitter Account is just as bad.

Apparently, there’s no baseball happening in the middle of May as Today’s Knuckleball took it upon themselves to rank the Twitter account of every major league baseball team.

And they put the Milwaukee Brewers Twitter at 29, right ahead of the Houston Astros.

The author (I didn’t bother to see who wrote it-oh someone named Alex) starts off saying “There’s a humdrum atmosphere up in Wisconsin.”  I’m starting to doubt the credentials of said author, firstly on the basis I googled humdrum.

Humdrum, as defined by the Google Machine, is “lacking excitement or variety; dull; monotonous“. On that alone I can tell the author has never tailgated at Miller Park. Ever. Or even in Wisconsin, or Milwaukee itself.

Humdrum is the Dakotas; there’re prairies for miles.

I’ve never been to a game at Miller Park that was “humdrum” but I digress.  Ok, the author goes on- “that tends to carry over to the Twitter account, even though Miller Park is a great place to be.”

And his basis is this tweet:


He concludes with “Someone needs to take the leash off the social media team and throw that sucker in the garbage.

I can’t disagree with him more while the Milwaukee Brewers may be a small market team, but they have a super loyal fan base, and their Twitter account is interactive and reflective of the loyal fan base.

I don’t pay attention to other MLB Twitter accounts, but I’d be hard-pressed to think that the Brewers have the second worst twitter account out there (here’s looking at you Tampa Bay).

I remain unconvinced until I’m shown the objective standard used to rate each Twitter account, as the author’s bias against the Milwaukee Brewers is clearly evident.