Milwaukee Brewers Wily Peralta’s Reckless Pitching

It’s time for Milwaukee Brewers Wily Peralta to leave the starting rotation. He’s not going to get any better, and keeping him isn’t going to benefit anyone.

Among active roster starters with at least 140 IP going back to last season, Wily Peralta has the second-worst ERA at 5.42. Second to Matt Garza, who the Milwaukee Brewers currently have on the DL.

This season isn’t much better, among starters with at least 30 IP Peralta has the second-worst ERA as well, sitting at 7.30 behind the Giants Jake Peavy. His FIP is the seventh worst at 5.57, and his xFIP is the tenth worst sitting at 5.02.

Even as of this morning the Brewers know they have to do something with him as reported by Adam McCalvy of

His WHIP is a league-worst of 1.992, and as noted by McCalvy is on pace for the second-worst WHIP in franchise history.

McCalvy also noted that one of the options for the Brewers is to keep Peralta in the lineup and let him work through his issues.

That ship has sailed. What once could have been the Milwaukee Brewers next ace is now, something less and at best a number five pitcher in the starting rotation.

It could have been worse; Peralta doesn’t have a huge contract like Garza (who has the worst ERA among starting pitchers dating back to last season).

Now, I’m not saying that Peralta’s career is over, simply that his time in the starting rotation has come to an end for now.

The best option though seems to be optioning him to Triple-A like the Milwaukee Brewers did last month with struggling starter Taylor Jungmann. Peralta has one minor league option left and hasn’t had enough service time to refuse the assignment from the Milwaukee Brewers.

Peralta has been abysmal so far this season, and there aren’t any signs of it getting better despite posting two quality starts this season. It’s time for Peralta to leave the rotation and try and work his issues out with Colorado Springs.

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