Milwaukee Brewers Tyler Thornburg Putting Injuries Behind Him


Milwaukee Brewers reliever Tyler Thornburg has been quietly having a solid year of pitching.

While there’s be a talk of Wily Peralta‘s struggling, the offense hasn’t been that great either for the Milwaukee Brewers. Through it all, though, reliever Tyler Thornburg has quietly been making a case for why he deserves to be on the roster.

A case, in what has been called a make or break year for him.

Among qualified relievers, this season Thornburg ranks 11th in SIERA. Skill-Interactive ERA (SIERA) attempts to answer how well a pitcher has pitched over the last year.

So while Thornburg has posted a 4.32 ERA in 2016, he’s posted a SIERA of 1.91. Per Fangraphs, any SIERA 2.90 and below is considered to be excellent.

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But, one statistic doesn’t tell the whole story. Thornburg is posting a K/9 of 14.04, putting him at seventh among qualified relievers, as well his K% is 38.2% putting him at sixth.

An elbow injury which got the better of him over the last two seasons seems to be non-existent, it’s as if the injury didn’t happen for Thornburg.

Thornburg’s ERA has been up and down this season, put he has been solidifying himself as a reliable reliever for the Milwaukee Brewers behind Jeremy Jeffress.

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His average velocity against is at 89.7 through 35 batted ball events, which also helps show that an ERA can be a deceptive stat.

There’s much more to how a pitcher is pitching than ERA. SIERA attempts to answer that story, and it is one of the most accurate stats for determining just how well a pitcher is doing.

The Milwaukee Brewers don’t have the greatest year(they’re rebuilding after all), but Tyler Thornburg is having a great year, even if its hard to tell, there’s evidence to support the fact. It’s  simply a matter of looking at all the available information.