It’s Time To Buy Into The Milwaukee Brewers Trading Ryan Braun


According to some report’s Ryan Braun is a hot name on the trading block, and the Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder fell just short of getting an on-base streak of 30 games, bringing up the question what is his current trade value?

The rumors even say that a deal shipping Braun to the Red Sox is close to being finalized.

Dave Cameron of Fangraphs presents the idea that any trade of Braun to the Red Sox would need to include Blake Swihart. He also suggests that the White Sox and Nationals are other possible suitors for any Braun trade.

It’s no secret that Ryan Braun is a fan favorite in Milwaukee, as well he has deep ties to the community. But, it’s time to buy into Braun being shipped away.

Whether or not he’s sent away before the trade deadline, there’s no denying that he’s part of the Milwaukee Brewers for life. That’s undeniable, and that’s part of why we ought to buy into any deal that helps further along the rebuilding process.

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But why should you wholly buy into shipping Ryan Braun away?

Let’s start with the obvious. He’s the 27th best Outfielder in baseball this season among qualified outfielders, despite having limited playing time. That’s reason enough to keep him you say? Why that is certainly arguably (as well as agreeable), the Brewers are rebuilding, and Braun has a lot of value, despite the high amount left on his contract.

The value that includes the third highest OBP among qualified outfielders as well as a top ten BABIP also. Braun has been slashing .348/.420/.581 with nine doubles, nine homers, and 31 RBI through 174 plate appearances.

As been the case recently for Braun injury has plagued him, playing in just 42 games this season (there have been 52 so far for the Milwaukee Brewers). Each of his scratches has been associated with physical health.

Then there is the contract, through 2018 he’ll be making $20 million annually, $19 million in 2019 and then $17 million in 2020. But, with the way he has been hitting he’s well worth his contract.

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That is why you ought to like the Milwaukee Brewers trading him now rather than later. He’s currently well worth the $20 million a year he’s being paid. But, Braun is 32 and already has back and neck issues. By 2020 he’ll be 36, and the chances of him holding up and being healthy aren’t all that high.

The Brewers aren’t going to be contenders while Braun is healthy, and the money they are using to pay him can be used to help the wheels of the rebuild move a little faster. Ryan Braun will always be a part of the Milwaukee Brewers, and like every chapter of a story, it’s time for this one to end.