Milwaukee Brewers Untapped: Villar Has A Big Week

Already batting .377/.500/.585 against lefties, Jonathan Villar could have become the first player in Milwaukee Brewers history to draw ten walks. Instead, he hit a two-run homer.

Chris Carter homered as well in the Milwaukee Brewers win yesterday; Chase Anderson also gave the Milwaukee Brewers another strong start.

He’s not the only prospect doing well for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Devin Williams was another prospect, who had a big day in the minor leagues yesterday.

Speaking of prospects, Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Sentinal Journal had a piece of the Milwaukee Brewers latest call-up, Jacob Barnes.

Also of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, Gary D’Amato writes of how Villar is making every moment his opportunity with the Milwaukee Brewers, calling Villar Carlos Gomez 2.0.

Around the Brewers Blogosphere

Speaking of yesterday’s win against the Phillies, Travis Sarandos of BP Milwaukee gave a recap of the game yesterday, in case you weren’t able to watch it.

Our own Michael Marcus as well had a profile on Jacob Barnes, whom he doesn’t see leaving the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen anytime soon.

Julien Assouline of BP Milwaukee wants Milwaukee Brewers fans to stop making comparisons to the Cubs.

His article was from a Twitter argument that was started from a tweet directed at us.

Followed by Travis Sarandos replying:

Which led Assouline to argue why we ought to stop giving such comparisons.

Miller Park Prospects gave us a round-up of yesterday’s happenings in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system, with the Biloxi Shuckers being the only affiliate not to win their respective game. As well as the top twenty performances, with Orlando Arcia being the top performer in Thursday’s games.

Ryan Romano of BP Milwaukee also gave us an excellent round-up of how the Milwaukee Brewers fared during the month of May, giving us the good and the bad. Thankfully there wasn’t much ugly for the Milwaukee Brewers.


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