Milwaukee Brewers Untapped: In Stearns We Believe

A Typical Game Day At Miller Park, One Of Schroeder's Favorite Places To Be.
A Typical Game Day At Miller Park, One Of Schroeder's Favorite Places To Be. /

David Stearns is the youngest GM, and he’s building a bright future for the Milwaukee Brewers, Bleacher Report reports.

Baseball is back tonight, with Matt Garza taking the mound for the Milwaukee Brewers as they face off against Anthony Desclafani and the Reds.

Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the good, the bad and the ugly that could happen over the second half from the Milwaukee Brewers. Corey Knebel is set to make his return for the Milwaukee Brewers as Michael Blazek was optioned to Triple-A Colorado Springs over the weekend.

As the trade deadline looms closer, Adam McCalvy figures the Brewers will be active in the coming weeks as they send and get parts for the rebuild. Ryan Braun and Jonathan Lucroy have both been the center of trade rumors in the past month, but Jon Heyman reports that there hasn’t been much buzz concerning either player as of late.

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Despite the lack of buzz around Lucroy, FanGraphs reports that Luc is one of the best hitting catchers currently in the game. Beyond the Box Score also thinks that the only player on the Milwaukee Brewers roster deserving of an all-star title is Lucroy.

It’s very well possible that it’s his last all-star game as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers organization.

The First Out at Third takes a look at whether red-hot starter Junior Guerra could be potential trade bait for the Milwaukee Brewers. While Junior has been more than the Milwaukee Brewers could hope for, Chase Anderson has been the exact opposite.

Our own Jordan Klimeck is already looking ahead to next season and the possibility of the Milwaukee Brewers joining the Grapefruit League.

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