Milwaukee Brewers Untapped: Around The Organizaton

A week out of the all-star break and our own Ace Schneider has the highs and lows so far seen throughout the Milwaukee Brewers Organization.

Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a similar outlook, except on a weekly level and just for the Milwaukee Brewers farm system. Miller Park Prospects also has a full roundup of everything that happened throughout the organization yesterday.

The 2016 draft class is already making waves throughout the Milwaukee Brewers farm system.

With the trade deadline fast approaching, both Jeremy Jeffress and Will Smith have been hot names in the rumor mill. However, neither are letting the rumors affect their playing performance.

There isn’t much to be said about the performance in the outfield, which can be frustrating even during a rebuild Brew Crew Ball argues. They also report on the swirling rumors that may send Jonathan Lucroy to the Cleveland Indians.

The same rumor was brought up  by Buster Onley on Twitter as well as an article on

The Detroit Tigers have also been rumored to have  an interest in trading for Lucroy. Of course, there are other possible landing spots for him to be traded to.

Of course, the Milwaukee Brewers aren’t going to let Lucroy go away for cheap.  Yan Gomes recent injury certainly helps the case for the Indians acquiring him from the Milwaukee Brewers

Of the many Milwaukee Brewers players that have come up in the trade rumors, BP Milwaukee evaluates a possible trade of Ryan Braun.

Jonathan Villar is chasing the elusive .400 BABIP, which has only occurred 17 times so far in MLB history, Villar would become #18. Such a feat is being overshadowed by the swirl of trade rumors going on with the Milwaukee Brewers. Walk-off losses like the one that happened last night certainly aren’t helping bring out the positives either.

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