Milwaukee Brewers Untapped: Lucroy Vetoes Trade

It seemed like All-Star Catcher Jonathan Lucroy was headed to the Tribe in return for four prospects being sent to the Milwaukee Brewers, but the decision laid with Luc who had a no-trade clause to the Indians, which he ultimately vetoed.

“Certainly, if we were at the point where we were strongly considering pursuing a deal, we were pleased with the return,” Stearns told reporters, according to “But Jonathan’s a very good player, as well, and if he’s on our team going forward, we’ll be happy to have him.”

There is still a flurry of trade rumors surrounding the catcher, though, as he has said that he doesn’t want to be a rental catcher. Which is partly why he had every right to veto the trade to the Tribe, the Milwaukee Brewers all-star knew it would only be as a rental.

With there still time to acquire Lucroy, the Tribe and Motor City Bengals are out, but that doesn’t mean the Milwaukee Brewers won’t trade the catcher if a good deal comes up. As the deadline clock counts down, whether or not he’ll be traded is one of the stories to keep an eye on.

Ultimately he vetoed the trade, but there is still some question as to why he vetoed the trade. With the Mets recently acquiring Jay Bruce from the Reds, whether or not they’ll re-engage talks to acquire Luc is now a question mark.

With Lucroy vetoing, the Milwaukee Brewers could look to trade other pieces of the puzzle.

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