The Changes of Milwaukee Brewers Taylor Jungmann

Taylor Jungmann had posted a 9.15 ERA and a 6.06 FIP in 20.2 IP before the Milwaukee Brewers demoted him to AAA Colorado Springs, he continued to struggle and was sent down to AA Biloxi, where he has thrived.

The stat line of Colorado Springs didn’t look much different from the Milwaukee Brewers, posting a 9.87 ERA in his first 8 AAA starts. With AA Biloxi Shuckers, it’s been a much different story he’s posted a 0.44 ERA, with 19 Ks and only six walks in 20.1 IP-which you can see in the tweet above.

Overall he’s posted a 2.60 ERA with 49 Ks and 18 walks over 45 innings of work. A much better stat line than the 9.15 ERA in 20.5 innings of work with the Milwaukee Brewers. With the Schuckers, he’s posted multiple quality starts, including the minimum, through eight innings of work as well as strong seven innings that gave Jungmann his first win with the Shuckers.

Colorado Springs has never been pitcher friendly, the Sky Sox since 2009 have collectively posted some of the worst team eras in Pacific Coast League. That might be an indicator of how bad the pitchers are on the team, except that roughly one home run is given up per game at Security Service Field (the home of the Sky Sox).

That’s not one home run given up by the Sky Sox; their home runs are included in this factor. So, when you play most of your games at Security Service Field, you’re bound to have collectively a high ERA as a team (Yes, I know I am being Captain Obvious).

So, it seems that Taylor Jungmann is finally working through his changes down in the AA level, which, for both the Milwaukee Brewers and Jungmann is a good thing. The ability to reboot without the pressure is beneficial for all sides, the question that still remains is what does Jungmann have left to figure out and will it translate to better big league numbers?

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