Breaking News*: Milwaukee Brewers sign Jeff Suppan.


The Milwaukee Brewers have bolstered their rotation by adding playoff hero Jeff Suppan.

The Milwaukee Brewers have given us an early Christmas present. The Brewers have agreed to a 4 year, 42 million dollar deal with Jeff Suppan. I could hardly believe my eyes when I received an RSS feed alert on my Blackberry. Suppan should join a starting rotation that features Ben Sheets, Dave Bush, Chris Capuano, and Claudio Vargas.

This is an intriguing signing, it signals that the Brewers front office believes the window to compete is open.  In 2006 the Brewers ranked third in the league in pitcher fWAR, despite Ben Sheets pitching in only 106 innings.  This move should bolster their already strong starting pitching.

It is an exciting time to be a Brewers fan. The crew have graduated quite a few players from their loaded farm system. The young core of Ben Sheets, Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, and J.J. Hardy are in the big leagues and starting to produce. There is also more help on the way, as top prospects Yovani Gallardo and Ryan Braun should make it to the big club this year.  How this young offensive core performs in 2007 will prove to be the key for the Brewers hopes of ending a decades long playoff drought.

This signing is not without risk.  If you look at Suppan’s career numbers, they seem rather underwhelming.  Suppan was excellent in the 2006 playoffs, I kind of get the feeling the Brewers are overpaying for this, but I am willing to give Doug Melvin the benefit of the doubt here. If the Brewers are going to contend, that playoff experience could be invaluable.

Most importantly this signing gives Brewers fans hope.  I can’t remember the last time the Brewers made a splash like this in free agency.  Let’s hope this Christmas gamble pays off.  So Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, the Brewers have done their part spreading joy this season.

*Breaking news from 2006

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