Milwaukee Brewers: Who was the best offensive performer from 5/16 to 5/22?

May 15, 2017; San Diego, CA, USA; Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Eric Sogard (18) hits a solo home run against the San Diego Padres during the tenth inning at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
May 15, 2017; San Diego, CA, USA; Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Eric Sogard (18) hits a solo home run against the San Diego Padres during the tenth inning at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports /

Each week we will take a look at, and analyze, the offensive performance of every position player for the Milwaukee Brewers. There is no carry over from week to week, so a player who ranks #1 for one week, can rank near the bottom the next week.

Offensive categories such as: batting average, home runs, stolen bases, walks, and clutch hits will be taking into consideration. This week we take a look at the offensive performance for the week of May 15th – May 21st for the Milwaukee Brewers.

13. Ryan Braun

– This may be the last time we see Ryan Braun at the back end of this list. Braun just recently came off the DL and played in only one game during the past week, going 0-for-5 with an RBI. Expect to see Braun higher on this list as he returns to form in the coming weeks.

12. Manny Pina

– This half of the dynamic catching duo did not have the most productive week at the plate. Manny Pina went 1-for-8 but did manage to pick up a couple of RBIs. Pina has been one of the Brewers most consistent hitters over the early stages of the season, so despite his struggles at the plate this week, we can likely expect to see his numbers bounce back.

11. Nick Franklin

Nick Franklin comes in at #11 on this week’s list after going 1-6 in limited playing time. He picked up a couple of walks over the past week and even managed to get a stolen base. Franklin has seen his playing time decrease with the emergence of Eric Sogard. While he put up so-so numbers this past week, he will have to really turn it up to get his playing time back from Sogard.

10. Eric Thames

Eric Thames missed some time this week due to illness, and when he came back he didn’t appear to be in his early season form. He managed only one hit over the past week, but did grab a couple of walks. Much like Pina, we can expect to see him higher on the list in coming weeks.

9. Johnathon Villar

Villar’s struggles this season have continued. He managed only four hits in 20 at-bats. He added two walks, a stolen base, and an RBI, which was enough to get him to ninth on this week’s list. Brewers manager Craig Counsell has been patient with him despite his struggles, but it will be interesting to see how long that patience lasts if Villar continues to play at a mediocre level.

8. Hernan Perez

Hernan Perez found himself getting quite a bit of playing time over the past week. He managed to pick up six hits over the past week in 25 at-bats. Outside of those hits, he didn’t add much at the plate. He didn’t pick up any RBIs, walks, or stolen bases.

7. Keon Broxton

Keon Broxton has really turned up his game since the end of April. He finally looks to be playing the way many expected at the start of the season. This past week he managed to pick up seven hits in 26 at-bats. But unlike Perez, he picked up an RBI, a walk, and a stolen base. Which brings him in at seventh this week.

6. Orlando Arcia

Orlando Arcia will likely never be known for huge offensive numbers – but he did manage to put together a nice week. He picked up six hits in 23 at-bats, including a couple of big infield singles against the Padres. He added a couple of RBIs and a walk to round out what was a decent week for Orlando. A few more hits and he could have cracked the top five.

5. Jett Bandy

– The other half of Milwaukee’s dynamic catching duo finds himself inside the top five of this week’s list. He picked up four hits in 13 at-bats and added four walks to bring his weekly OBP to .471. He knocked in three RBIs, including a big, go-ahead RBI against the Padres. In addition to having one of baseball’s best names, he continues to thrive at the plate, expect to see Bandy’s name near the top of this list for many weeks.

4. Travis Shaw

– Shaw was out for a couple of games this week but he still managed to be productive at the plate when he played. He picked up six hits in 17 at-bats and knocked in three RBIs. He also added one of three homers for the Brewers over this stretch.

3. Domingo Santana

– Much like Keon Broxton, Domingo Santana has turned up his game during the month of May. He picked up six hits, four walks, and led the team with six RBIs. Santana has plenty of potential and it looks like he may finally be playing up to it. If he can continue to hit like he did this past week, the Brewers will be in good shape.

2. Jesus Aguilar

Jesus Aguilar saw an increase in playing time this week due to Thames’ illness. He took full advantage of the opportunity by picking up six hits, four walks, four RBIs, and one home run. Aguilar has been a nice addition for the Milwaukee Brewers and always seems to step up when his number is called. If he continues to play at this pace, it will be hard for Counsell not to find ways to keep him in the lineup.

1. Eric Sogard

– No surprise here. Nerd Power has taken Major League Baseball by storm, much like Eric Thames did earlier in the season. Sogard put up massive numbers in his first full week with the Brewers. He picked up 10 hits in 20 at-bats and added four walks to post an OBP of .583. He knocked in five RBIs, blasted a home run, and added a stolen base. He even had a stretch of five consecutive hits over the course of the week. Counsell had a hard time keeping Sogard out of the lineup, and that can be expected to continue until his production slows down.

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Who do you think was this weeks top offensive performer for the Milwaukee Brewers? Who do you think will be next week’s top performer? Share your thoughts in the comments!