Milwaukee Brewers: RetroBrawl 6/30/90 at Seattle

Mar 15, 2017; Salt River Pima-Maricopa, AZ, USA; General view of a Milwaukee Brewers hat, glove and sunglasses during the game against the Colorado Rockies during a spring training game at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 15, 2017; Salt River Pima-Maricopa, AZ, USA; General view of a Milwaukee Brewers hat, glove and sunglasses during the game against the Colorado Rockies during a spring training game at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports /

On June 30, 1990 the Seattle Mariners defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 6-2, but that’s not what’ interesting about this game. Mariners starter Erik Hanson threw a complete game, but that’s also not what’s interesting about this game. M’s outfielder Jeffrey Leonard went deep twice, but again, that’s not what’s interesting about this game. What is interesting is that it featured one of the great forgotten BaseBrawls in Brewers history.

Leonard tagged mediocre Milwaukee Brewers reliever Bob Sebra for his second homer in the eighth inning and Sebra was hot about it. The next batter, DH Edgar Martinez, clubbed a double, and it sent Sebra over the edge. Somebody had to go down. That somebody was Mariners pinch hitter Tracy Jones, and that’s where the action picks up below.


If that pitch were about a foot lower, Jones probably takes his base. C’est la vie.


That’s Brewers catcher B.J. Surhoff and he detests arguments. Catchers always have to play the role of body guard. Unless you’re Buster Posey. While Surhoff is playing the role of peacemaker, Sebra takes off his glove and gets ready to throw hands. As he’s making his way towards Surhoff and Jones, someone goes after somebody. It can only be Jones going after Surhoff because catchers have a code dammit.


That’s Brewers slugger Greg Vaughn flipping the Mariners Harold Reynolds around like a flapjack for…reasons.


That’s future Hall-of-Famer Randy Johnson, random early 90’s broadcaster! Calling him ‘Randy Jones’ isn’t that unforgivable, but Johnson pitched the night before.


Johnson appears to be having words with Brewers second baseman Jim Gantner. Figuring out what those words might be is hard to imagine. Who would be angry at who?

Gantner: Your guy has a lot of nerve standing there and getting hit!
Johnson: …
Ganter: Nothing to say? How about I grab your shirt?
Johnson: …



General milling around. The main tussles are over. Order is restored…unless…


Brewers catcher B.J. Surhoff and Mariners warm body Brian Giles (not that one, the other one) come together over something? It’s hard to tell, really, but business is about to pick up.


Ron Robinson and Gene Harris are rolling around on the Kingdome carpet now. It almost looked like Harris was going to throw a punch,  thought better of it, and fell over in the span of 0.5 seconds.


After a few tense moments, there’s more general milling around. This can’t pick up again, can it?


Is Brewers manager Tom Trebelhorn wearing a jacket under his uniform? Does he know that’s not how jackets work?


Surhoff (dude is menace) and a Mariner who appears to be Harold Reynolds (he just didn’t learn) get into it again. This time the Brewers chase a few Mariners into right field before the cavalry heads them off. Mariners outfielder Jeff Schaefer takes on Dale Sveum and Rob Deer for…reasons.


Brewers hitting coach Don Baylor has clearly had enough of this nonsense and just wants to get back to his sandwich on the clubhouse. The Brewers feature Baylor, young Gary Sheffield, Dave Parker, Greg Vaughn, Chris Bosio (is anyone else surprised he’s not involved yet?), Ted Higuera, and Dale Sveum. Other than the clearly roided up A’s, the Brewers have to rank among the most intimidating, right?


Rob Deer and Mariner reliever Keith Comstock hug it out and decided that their mustache/mullet combos are equally awesome.


Brewers outfielder Mike Felder isn’t having any hugging it out. Having not seen enough action in the 34 initial scraps, Felder goes after…somebody for….reasons.


While Milwaukee Brewers manager Tom Trebelhorn calms down Felder, another fracas, presumably over the Deer/Comstock agreement, kicks off behind them.


While trying to play peacemaker of sorts, Trebelhorn gets absolutely WRECKED by Mariners reliever Matt Young. Young wisely turns back around and starts pulling bodies apart, and never gets his comeuppance.


Schaefer and Brewers infielder Billy Spiers tussle, and Trebelhorn is somehow sucked in. Schaefer appears to forget about Spiers and just starts laying into Trebelhorn.


Ken Griffey, Jr. sighting!


You know it’s a rough fight when Gary Sheffield is escorting his bleeding manager away from the pile.


At this point everyone just looks exhausted and sort of gives up. This was over six solid minutes of running, tussling, peeling, and milling.


The ejections are officially announced and it’s three for each side. Surhoff, Sebra and Sheffield are out for the Brewers. Upon detailed study, it’s completely impossible to determine what Sheffield did to get tossed. Did the umpires just know that he’s kind of a jerk and toss him?

Jeff Schaefer, Tracy Jones, and Gene Harris get tossed for the Mariners. They should’ve thrown out Harold Reynolds on principle.

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This was also Sebra’s final on-field appearance on a Major League roster. He was released by the Brewers on October 1, 1990, spent a few years kicking around the Minors, tried a comeback attempt in 1998 with an independent league, and that was it. Keep in mind, the Milwaukee Brewers traded for him three weeks before this incident occurred. In three weeks he managed to get frustrated enough to toss a ball at Tracy Jones’ ribs and kick off a major brawl. That’s a unique final appearance to say the least.