Milwaukee Brewers: Brent Suter As A Potential Rotation Option

MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 03: Brent Suter
MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 03: Brent Suter /

From spot starter to a potential regular, Brent Suter took the reigns Monday afternoon in place of Chase “The Ace” Anderson.

It was not an easy place to be considering how important the contributions of Chase Anderson has been for the Milwaukee Brewers this year.

To put it blatantly he did not disappoint.  In fact, he has been guaranteed another start once the rotation turns over, Craig Counsell acknowledged that Brent Suter will get the start at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.

After Suter’s performance of eight strikeouts through six innings pitched, he certainly is deserving of this opportunity.  He has been called up and down multiple times, but is ready to play whenever needed. This could turn out to be a feel-good story for him and the first place Milwaukee Brewers.

Being known as more of a crafty lefty, Suter certainly has his work cut out for him when he takes the mound at Yankee Stadium and will be staring down baseball’s newest studs in the forms Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez.  If Suter can have success in one of the toughest atmospheres in baseball, there is no reason he should not be considered as a long-term solution.

Josh Hader is still the most compelling choice to be the Milwaukee Brewers next regular southpaw, but he has transitioned into a bullpen role this year to limit his innings.  This could be a blessing for the team if Suter can stay consistent.

With the current struggles of 2016 ace, Junior Guerra,  we could see a potential trade deadline deal that could open a spot for Suter to permanently join the rotation.

Comparing to last season before the All-Star break Guerra’s ERA has climbed from a 3.06 to a 4.93.  He did miss six weeks after he getting injured on Opening Day.  His lack of production in fewer starts will truly hurt his trade value at this point in the season.

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HIs fly ball rate has climbed from a 35.8 percent to a 43.5 percent.  In turn, has already given up 12 home runs this season.  Last year he had surrendered five before the mid-summer classic.  In short he has declined significantly and at this point in the season, and is just hurting the team’s chances of being a true competitor.

If the Brewers want to find a suitor for Guerra they must use the amount of years he will be under team control as a bargaining chip.  The other option is to hope he bounces back in some way, and soon with the rapidly approaching trade deadline.

Now, if the Brewers decide to insert Suter into the rotation there is no guarantee that he will be consistent as a starter.  But having a left-handed starter, even if it is in the short term, will benefit this team greatly.

Do not forget that the Brewers are awaiting the return of Brandon Woodruff.  He is due back soon after the All-Star break.  If for some reason Suter does not work out as a starter he can always be inserted into the bullpen and continue his contributions in a lesser role.  This allows the Milwaukee Brewers to get a look at the highly coveted prospect.

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If Suter can prove he can go out every fifth day and produce consistent numbers like he did Monday afternoon, the Brewers might have just found a diamond in the rough that could significantly increase the chances of an N.L Central division title in 2017.