Milwaukee Brewers: Most Successful Players To Be In The Futures Game

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Ryan McMahon
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Ryan McMahon /
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The Futures game has become an exciting event at the beginning of the All-Star Break that shows fans what they have to look forward to.  There is no exception of this excitement for the Milwaukee Brewers.

In the 2017 game, the Milwaukee Brewers were represented by three players: Lewis Brinson, Corey Ray, and Mauricio Dubon.  All three players have promising futures.  Brinson is the number one ranked prospect in the organization, followed by Ray at two, and Dubon at nine according to MLB Pipeline.

This competition dates back to 1999, where Alfonso Soriano took home MVP honors.  It has a rich history of players who were selected becoming superstars at the MLB level.  Notable names around the league include Bryce Harper, Adam Wainwright, and Carlos Correa.

Over the years, the Brewers have sent players to the game that have turned out to be very fruitful once they put on the Milwaukee uniform.

There still stands to be the first player from the Milwaukee Brewers organization to win the MVP award though.  The 2017 MVP went to Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Bent Honeywell and his screwball.

The premise of the game is to put all of the best prospects on one field so they can get some exposure.  It also raises the competition level among young players.  In 2017, the youngest player on the field shined.  An 18 year old Vladmir Guerrero Jr. poked two singles.

Teams are picked by selecting the best prospects that were born in America, and squaring them up against international prospects.  It is a game that is gaining traction and popularity by the year.  A game looking into the future is a fun way to start off the All-Star break.

To be considered for this list, the player must have been in the Brewers farm system at the time they participated in the game.  The player must also have come up and made valuable contributions in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform.

So while Brinson, Ray, and Dubon could all become members of Milwaukee Brewers lore, they are not considered for this list.  Depending on how things go, they could break in next year to change the entirety of this list though.