Milwaukee Brewers: Eric Sogard’s recovery hits a speed bump

MILWAUKEE, WI - JUNE 17: Eric Thames
MILWAUKEE, WI - JUNE 17: Eric Thames /

The healing process for the ankle of Eric Sogard has plateaued according to Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell.

A short blurb about the recovery speed bump for the Milwaukee Brewers infielder can be found under the “last call” section here.

To treat the issue, and hopefully speed up recovery time, Sogard was given a cortisone shot.  The nature of cortisone means it will be a couple days of inactivity to let the shot remedy the ankle.  If this works then Sogard should resume his timetable for recovery.

With as well as Sogard is playing this year the team wants him back.  He got put on the DL right before the All-Star break, and was expected back shortly after.  If the cortisone takes to his ankle well, that will still be the plan.

Luckily, the Milwaukee Brewers were not left with a hole until Sogard returns.  Orlando Arcia is playing great at shortstop, and there is Jonathan Villar to hold down the fort at second base.  Not to mention Travis Shaw hitting great from the third base position.

That kind of depth bodes well heading into the latter half of the season.  They can be without a player and still survive thanks to versatile defenders.  However, Sogard coming back will be helpful for more than his stats.

The recent news of Ryan Braun being considered day to day for the rest of the season is going to cause an issue.  There won’t be a roster spot opening since he is on only day to day.  So when Sogard comes back, it will open up Villar to occasionally slide to the outfield.  That allows some creativity in the lineup.  That flexibility helps get the best eight on the field game in and game out.

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So let’s hope the cortisone shot does its job.  Getting Sogard back will be immensely helpful in holding the top spot in the division.  Recent moves made by the Cubs show they are ready to compete, and the Cardinals shouldn’t be far behind.