Milwaukee Brewers: Six players you didn’t know they drafted

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 05: Manager Craig Counsell
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 05: Manager Craig Counsell /
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ANAHEIM, CA – OCTOBER 02: Brady Rodgers
ANAHEIM, CA – OCTOBER 02: Brady Rodgers /

Brady Rodgers

Most people know that Rodgers has been stellar in the minors for the Houston Astros.  He was their pitcher of the year in 2016 after posting a 2.86 ERA in Triple A.

But he has been working through the minors since being taken in the third round in 2012.  He made his debut last year, and it didn’t go well.

Many do not know that in 2009, the Milwaukee Brewers selected Rodgers in the 39th round.  Of course, considering he is with Houston, he did not sign.  He decided, instead, to go to Arizona State.  The move clearly paid off as he moved up 36 rounds.

As well as he is playing during his professional career, it is put on hold once again.  Back in May he underwent Tommy John surgery.  Effectively ending his season.  He sits as the number 25 prospect in the Astro organization.

It has been a long road for Rodgers, but that could very well the atmosphere we was drafted into.  The Houston Astros have had a crowded farm system for years.  So that could be a contributor to his slow development.

Had he signed with the Milwaukee Brewers out of high school, he very well could have more MLB time under his belt.  While the teams strong farm system is showing through in 2017, there was more opportunity for him to move up quickly as a Brewer.  Not that he wouldn’t spend years in the minors though.  A 39th rounder out of high school will l be expected to spend time growing in the minors.

But, all in all, Rodgers is a very talented arm who the Milwaukee Brewers would greatly have benefitted from.  It is just a question of what could have been.  They were just a few years too early for the sign-ability to be high.