Milwaukee Brewers: Six players you didn’t know they drafted

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 05: Manager Craig Counsell
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 05: Manager Craig Counsell /
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DETROIT, MI – JULY 4: Hunter Pence
DETROIT, MI – JULY 4: Hunter Pence /

Hunter Pence

The attributions of Pence to each team he has been on cannot be understated.  He debut with Houston in 2007 but hitting .322 through 108 games.  He then played for the Phillies and now the Giants.

Pence is a guy known for wild eyes and some funky mechanics.  But it works for him.  He has been selected as an All-Star three times during his career.  He also finished third in the Rookie of the Year voting.  Pence was beat out by Milwaukee’s own Ryan Braun, who won, and Troy Tulowitzki.

Turn the clock back to 2002 and the Milwaukee Brewers called Pence’s name in the 40th round.  Naturally, he turned it down. When the Brew Crew picked him he had just finished at a junior college in Texas.  He enrolled at the University of Texas at Arlington for the last two years.  Once he completed his time there, he had improved enough to be a second round selection in 2004.

This is yet another outfielder who the Milwaukee Brewers saw and was just a little early on.  Had he signed, there could have been a long standing outfield containing Braun and Pence.  A great fielding duo who would be widely feared at the plate.

Pence would  have worked out very nicely too.  Pence has proven himself to be a great supplemental star in San Francisco.  Braun could still be the big name with just a slightly smaller one playing alongside him in the outfield.  Add Prince Fielder and Jonathan Lucroy into the mix and power in the lineup.

Yet another talented player that the Brewers front office was able to spot early.  But as with everyone else on this list, they are too early.  It is both a shame and a testament to the Milwaukee staff.