Milwaukee Brewers: Is there a fit for Addison Reed?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 12: Addison Reed /
Milwaukee Brewers trade target
Milwaukee Brewers trade target /

The New York Mets are 14 1/2 games behind in the division and 11 1/2 games away from a Wild Card spot. They’re essentially out of the race and about to sell off assets. Should the Milwaukee Brewers be in the mix for reliever Addison Reed?

Pat Neshek has a ton of bidders right now and will likely get more expensive as the trade deadline nears. The market around the Mets is surprisingly quiet. Could the Milwaukee Brewers get a solid reliever for less than Neshek will cost?

What Do The Numbers Say?

Addison Reed strikes out a batter per inning and never, ever walks anyone. He has five walks in 42 appearances. That’s it. Reed has given up the same number of walks as homers. Technically, he’s as likely to give up a walk as he is a homer. Reed has lost a few ticks on the fastball since he made his debut in 2011, but he gets by with excellent movement and location.

The Brewers bullpen is awfully right-handed, but Reed presents a clear upgrade over a few options currently struggling. He would also offer a real bridge to Corey Knebel.

Are There Other Teams Interested In Reed?

The only rumor linked with Reed is the Boston Red Sox, but they’re linked to everyone at this point. There’s said to be a few teams sniffing around Reed, but the Yankees and Nationals just added bullpen pieces. The market for Reed may heat up, but it’s much quieter than the rumblings surrounding Pat Neshek.

What Would A Package Look Like For Reed?

Reed is heading into free agency in the fall, and the Mets are unlikely to command much of an asking price. The Brewers could probably package a few fringe prospects from Single-A or Double-A and be in the mix. Reed won’t command a top level prospect. If he does get dealt for anything past a mid-level prospect, a GM may need to be fired. He’s a two month rental, and that shouldn’t require a premium when it comes to relief pitching.

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There may very well be a fit in Milwaukee for Addison Reed. He has the control and ability the Brewers have lacked as a bridge to closer Corey Knebel. It remains to be seen what his price tag will be, but Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson were had for a mediocre Major League arm, a prospect coming off Tommy John surgery, and a mid-level Single-A prospect. Reed should cost about half that, and the price may be right for the Milwaukee Brewers.