Milwaukee Brewers: A pair of Detroit Justin’s? Go fish

BOSTON, MA - JULY 25: Justin Verlander
BOSTON, MA - JULY 25: Justin Verlander /

New trade rumors now paint the picture of the Milwaukee Brewers being interested in two pitchers from the Detroit Tigers.

It is clear that the Milwaukee Brewers are looking to bolster their pitching staff.  Both Justin Verlander and Justin Wilson have caught their eye.  They are solid pitchers, one with more of a future and one with more of a past.

So the multi million dollar question is should the Brewers make a move for either of these pitchers?

The answer is a quite simple no.  Each Justin has a different price tag that will stop the team from acquiring them.

As pitchers, these guys are great.  But as a fit for Milwaukee, they are a terrible fit.

Justin Verlander

JV as he is affectionately in the Motor City.  He was once one of the most dominant and feared pitchers in the league.  A workhorse by trade, his fastest pitches would come in the later innings.  It was something to marvel at.  Must see television for any baseball fan.  He pitched his way to a Rookie of the Year and Cy Young award during his great career.

But, the six time all-star is not who he used to be.  He is having trouble making it into the late stages of games.  A lot of people contribute this to his reduction in velocity from previous years, but that is not it.

What is killing Verlander is his location.  He cannot keep his fastball down so it is either getting hit or fouled off.  This raises his pitch count early.  But his curveball is still as live as ever.  That will still drop off the table like the fans are accustomed to.  However, it is not his performance that is warding off potential suitors.

Verlander is signed through 2019, and owed 28 million dollars in each of the next two years.  That is a lot of money for a team to take on.  Especially for a 34 year old pitcher with an ERA in the mid fours.  His name will draw fans, but his check is a huge issue.  While it was rumored the Tigers would take on part of the contract, but have backed out during trade talks.

The Milwaukee Brewers do not need this kind of financial commitment.  Especially with an underachieving output on the season.  His monetary tag and trade value in the eyes of Al Avila will simply put him in the “No” category for David Stearns

Justin Wilson

The 29 year old closer has one year left on his contract, so he would be merely a rental.  But man is Wilson impressive this year.  He is a reliable ninth inning option, converting a great majority of his opportunities.   The thing that sets him apart this year is his 12.5 K/9 this season.  A dominant display of pitching.

He has an upper 90’s fastball that causes trouble for the hitters.  It couples nicely with his cutter to keep hitters off balance.  Frankly, this type of power arm coming from the left side is very tough to hit.

But, as with Verlander, Wilson is regarded very highly in the organization so he will come with a hefty price tag.  The only reason the Tigers want to deal him intead of extend him is because of the heir to the position, Joe Jimenez.  He is a top prospect who is primed and ready to take over the closer role.

The starting price for Wilson is going to increase mightily because a ton of teams around the league are interested.  The Milwaukee Brewers are included.  But Wilson simply makes no sense to get.

With Corey Knebel doing a great job closing games, and coupling as the lone all-star, Wilson is unneeded.  Whatever it would cost to get him would render a closer price tag for a likely setup man.  That type of move would not be smart at all.

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It is simple.  Just wait.  The right name will come up eventually, but it will not be coming from the Detroit Tigers.  Both of these guys are not worth the hassle of giving up any prospects.  While each pitcher provides different value, that value becomes moot if they are in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform.