Milwaukee Brewers: Writers react to the mid season prospect rankings

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Lewis Brinson
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Lewis Brinson /
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Earlier this week, MLB pipeline released their mid season top 30 prospect list for the Milwaukee Brewers and other teams. Along with this was the top 100 overall prospects in baseball.

The top 30 for the Milwaukee Brewers can be found by clicking here. The top 100 here.

Here at Reviewing the Brew, we had a lot of thoughts about the makeup of these lists.  As always there were surprises and things that were assumed. Lewis Brinson was destined to be the number one prospect, just to name an example.

Accuracy of these lists is tough enough for the writers at MLB pipeline. There have been top prospects drop off the table seemingly out of nowhere. In recent memory for the Milwaukee Brewers, Tyrone Taylor is an example.

Even top prospects across all of the MLB have failed to this point in their careers. To this point Jurickson Profar and Byron Buxton are still searching for their top potential. Although it may still come.

The fact that these lists are so open for interpretation and discussion are half the fun of them. All of the debate is at the heart of why baseball is so great.

Highlights of the overall list include the amazing wheeling and dealing of MLB talent by the Chicago White Sox.  That are all over the  list.  Led by Yoan Moncada as a not surprising number one in the league.

Perhaps the biggest change for the Milwaukee Brewers is the graduation of Josh Hader from prospect status.  The former top left handed pitching prospect has found a great deal of success in a Brewers uniform.

Between surprise success and disappointing slides, prospects have a tough life.  Every game has the potential to raise their ceiling and their trade value. Playing under a microscope can be unnerving for anyone. But that type of pressure is what separates future major leaguers from career minor leaguers.

Five writers at Reviewing the Brew decided we wanted to put our reactions and feelings to the list out there.  So here it is. A compilation of our thoughts and reactions to MLB pipelines prospect lists. Enjoy.