Milwaukee Brewers: Writers react to the mid season prospect rankings

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Lewis Brinson
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Lewis Brinson /
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MILWAUKEE, WI – JULY 28: Lewis Brinson
MILWAUKEE, WI – JULY 28: Lewis Brinson /

John Geiger II’s reaction

Looking at this list really got me thinking. To me, ranking prospects is sort of like ranking movies. It’s all subject to one’s own opinion. After perusing this list though, it seems pretty spot on.

Any list that doesn’t have Yoan Moncada in the top spot cannot be trusted. That guy can flat out play. He will be a superstar for a long time in Chicago.

My two biggest takeaways from this list are the amount of international players at the top and the lack of pitching. The top pitcher doesn’t come in until number 12.

This list shows that baseball is ever evolving into an international sport. This influx of stud international talent has been happening for decades. The first American born players don’t show up until numbers nine and ten.

The other takeaway for me is the lack of pitching. Usually these lists are littered with pitchers in the top 10. Personally, that’s a scary revelation to me. Maybe this group of position players is that good. The cynic in me thinks this is bad for the future of baseball.

That’s enough about other team’s prospects. Let’s talk about what really matters, the Milwaukee Brewers top 30. Wow was I surprised.

Not surprisingly Lewis Brinson is number one. But number two came as a shock to me. Corey Ray is filled with talent. Through the minors he has shown me little to nothing. Sure he has great speed. That only helps in the outfield if you can’t get on base. Didn’t the Brewers just send down Keon Broxton for this reason?

And sorry Keston Hiura. It doesn’t matter to me how well he swings the bat. Until he learns how to get the ball in his glove, his value is virtually non-existent. Milwaukee doesn’t need all bat-no glove players. If they did, they wouldn’t have traded Khris Davis.

Brett Phillips is far too low on this list for me. How is a player who is making an impact at the major league level ranked number 12? He is an impact player already at this point. Great arm and solid in the outfield he will be someone to keep an eye on.

Three of the top 10 Brewers prospects are pitchers. Brandon Woodruff is on the cusp of the big leagues. The other two, maybe a year or two away. Luis Ortiz could be the best of the bunch. Maybe Milwaukee finally figured out how to develop pitching. I sure hope so.