Milwaukee Brewers: Chase Anderson back, Brandon Woodruff down?

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 19: Brandon Woodruff
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 19: Brandon Woodruff /
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers /

The good news for the Milwaukee Brewers is that Chase Anderson is back. The bad news is that Brandon Woodruff was optioned back to Triple-A. Why is Woodruff back in Colorado Springs and how long will he remain there?

The Milwaukee Brewers sent Brandon Woodruff back to Triple-A for a simple reason. They needed a roster spot and Woodruff has options remaining. It was the easy solution for a team that isn’t looking to expose any arms or useful bench bats to waivers.

How Was Woodruff Performing Before Getting Sent Down?

Good enough to stay in the rotation? He wasn’t setting the universe on fire, but he was gobbling up innings and turning in solid results. In three starts, Woodruff owns a 1-1 record with a 1.62 ERA. Command has been an issue as he has eight walks in 16 2/3 innings of work with only 12 strikeouts. He’s only been tagged for a single home run at the Major League level. Also, the velocity and movement has been as expected.

With most starting pitchers, it’s obvious whether they have the ability and knowhow to stick in a rotation or not. Everyone knew that David Manning had no business on a Major League mound instantly. That’s not the case with Woodruff. He looks like he belongs in a rotation.

When Will Woodruff Return To The Major League Roster?

Woody will likely come back up in short order. Rosters expand on September 1st, and that’s a likely return date for him. The Brewers only have four starters on the Big League roster right now, but they have a pair of off days in the next week. They’re off before and after next weekend’s series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. They can afford to only carry Jimmy Nelson, Chase Anderson, Zach Davies, and Matt Garza until they need a fifth starter again.

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It’s disappointing to see a young starter like Brandon Woodruff head back to Triple-A after a handful of starts. However, teams get into roster crunches during the course of the season. If the Milwaukee Brewers are able to carry an extra reliever for a week or two while they can, why not take advantage? Woodruff will be back in the rotation and helping the team stay in the race for the NL Central soon enough.