Milwaukee Brewers: The Best and Worst Players Weekend Uni’s

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Milwaukee Brewers
CHICAGO, IL – JULY 06: Manager Craig Counsell /

For this weekend’s series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Milwaukee Brewers along with every other team in baseball will be wearing Little League inspired uniforms for what’s been dubbed, “Players Weekend”.

Players will have much more freedom to wear personalized cleats and there will be patches on the jerseys with the names of people who were instrumental in a player’s career. But the most exciting part of this Players Weekend is the nicknames that players could choose to put on the back of their jerseys.

Those names were announced recently and some were better than others. The Milwaukee Brewers were no exception as some players had nicknames that fans already knew about while others didn’t. It was interesting to see what those players chose and some fell flat but there were a couple of good surprises.

There were some pretty good ones around baseball. Kyle Seager of the Mariners is “Corey’s Brother” obviously poking fun at his younger brother’s better popularity and success. Welington Castillo of the Orioles nickname is “Beef” referring to Beef Wellington and his beefy frame most likely. Josh Phegley’s nickname is the ultimate in pettiness however. His “PTBNL” refers to him being included in a trade as the player to be named later and he’s still got a chip on his shoulder about it apparently.

MLB should make Players Weekend an annual occasion and it’s a great way to remind everyone that this game is about fun. It also reaches out to the youth in America and keeps them interested in watching and playing baseball and it makes it fun for the fans too. Seeing what nicknames their favorite players have that most people don’t know about is exciting.

Frankly, I’d like to see MLB add more fun elements to the season like this. Allowing the players to showcase their personality will help grow the game across the country. I would’ve liked to see a player put their twitter handle as their nickname.

Manager Craig Counsell will wear “Chicken” on his jersey this weekend in obvious reference to the Chicken Runs at Midnight story, which you should really check out if you don’t know it already. So that name is more significant that what it looks like because without any context, it seems as if Counsell is called a chicken because he’s scared or a coward or something. But that’s not the case.

Without a doubt, these are the best and worst nicknames Milwaukee Brewers players chose for Players Weekend.