Milwaukee Brewers: The Best and Worst Players Weekend Uni’s

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL – AUGUST 6: Shortstop Orlando Arcia
ST. PETERSBURG, FL – AUGUST 6: Shortstop Orlando Arcia /


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5. Orlando Arcia – “El Nino”

El Nino is Spanish for “The Kid”, which is conveniently the nickname of a former Milwaukee Brewers shortstop, oh what was his name? Something with a bird… Hawk? No, that’s not it. Sparrow? Yes, it was Jack Sparrow… no wait that’s not right. Oh yes, it was Robin. Robin Yount is the guy I’m thinking of. All Robin Yount ever did was spend his entire career in Milwaukee, get 3,142 hits and get elected to the Hall Of Fame. And Arcia has the same nickname as him. No pressure at all.

Regardless, I still love this nickname for him and the parallel to Yount just makes it better. Arcia was a young kid when he made his MLB debut, just like Yount. He plays the same position as him. Honestly, Arcia has a great chance to go down in Milwaukee Brewers history like Yount did as well. He has the talent and the ability to join Yount in the Hall of Fame after his career is over and he’s sort of the Latino version of Yount so this works.

Arcia didn’t even realize the parallel when he chose the name for his jersey but the kid is something special and he deserves it.

4. Zach Davies – “Bat Boy”

Just look at Davies. He looks like a bat boy and many people have thought he was the bat boy. He just tells them ” Uh no, I’m the starting pitcher, stop asking me to carry your bats” and goes on his way. Coming in a six feet tall and a slender 155 pounds and considering his boyish face that can’t seem to grow any decent facial hair, he looks like he’s 14 years old.

This should cause confusion. People will ask themselves why is the Milwaukee Brewers bat boy running out to the mound? It turns out he’s actually the pitcher. It’s clever and original. It’s about time the bat boys get some recognition. Maybe one of the bat boys for his start on Saturday will wear a Zach Davies jersey just to return the favor. That would be even better.

3. Travis Shaw – “Mayor-DDC”
I know what you’re thinking. Let me guess, “WHAT? HOW IS THIS ONLY NUMBER THREE THIS IS THE BEST NICKNAME OF ALL TIME, ARE YOU STUPID?!?!?!”. Let me explain. Honestly, “The Mayor of Ding Dong City” is the best nickname on the Milwaukee Brewers and the best in all of baseball I think. However, it’s not spelled that way. If the “DDC” were spelled out, this is easily be at the top.

Shaw apparently tried to get the full name on the jersey but MLB told him that was too many letters so he abbreviated it. Shaw should’ve told them “I DON’T CARE HOW MANY LETTERS IT IS, PUT THE WHOLE NAME ON THIS JERSEY! I AM THE MAYOR AND I DEMAND IT!” but Travis Shaw doesn’t seem like that type of guy. He carries a more calm demeanor and level headed than I would be in this scenario.

If he went with just “The Mayor”, that also would work. But “Ding Dong City” should be spelled out. Now it needs to be explained to people who don’t know his full nickname what the “DDC” stands for and it shouldn’t need to be. For that, he lands at number three, but his full nickname is better.