Milwaukee Brewers: It is scoreboard watching season

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 26: Orlando Arcia /

It is scoreboard watching season, and the Milwaukee Brewers are right in the middle of it all.

According to an article by Adam McCalvy, Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell is right in the middle of it. He also openly stated he doesn’t care if his players follow suit. In the mind of their skipper, they are professionals because the know what they need to focus on.

As a former player, Counsell may be on to something.

There is one of two ways scoreboard watching can go. The first is it will distract from the task at hand, and the second is it can be a huge motivator. It is crunch time in the MLB, and this is a team hanging on for dear life. The Crew just does not have too many losses left to spare.

"“They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t able to focus on the right things. You don’t just walk into a Major League Baseball uniform. You have a high level of skill and dealing with outside influences and pressures.” -Craig Counsell"

In the abbreviated and slightly modified words of Shakespeare: To watch or not to watch? That is the question.

To watch

It is almost impossible not to watch. The scores are so easy to access and so vital to the work that the players do. This is their job, and it is easier to do a job with the most information possible. That being said, when a  score can make or break a season  it can get distracting.

But more on that later. The thing is, it is motivating. In that earlier article by McCalvy, he mentions a Colorado Rockies loss. A sigh of relief is to be had because of that. That team losing helps the Wild Card cause. Along the same lines, it allows the players to go out and do their job with the added bonus of what more a win could do for them.

Not to watch

As previously stated this is nearly impossible to do. But if it can be achieved, then there is no chance of any distraction. By getting distracted, the play if the overall Milwaukee Brewers team can possibly be hurt.

By just putting their head down and playing, the team could play to their top level. Either way, the Crew will have to be looking over their shoulder. That is the nature of scoreboard watching season.  But being ignorant to the rest of the league minimizes everything.

What is the answer?

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It depends on the person, I guess. Personally, I am watching like a hawk. As a player it is important to know what you are playing for. That is the sole reason why Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell is absolutely right to not care about the phenomena of scoreboard watching.