Milwaukee Brewers: Could there be a CC Sabathia reunion?

MILWAUKEE - SEPTEMBER 28: Starting pitcher CC Sabathia
MILWAUKEE - SEPTEMBER 28: Starting pitcher CC Sabathia /

The Milwaukee Brewers need to take a long look at their pitching staff prior to the start of next season.

Jimmy Nelson will miss a chunk of the 2018 season. And the probable departing of a struggling Matt Garza leaves holes to be filled. In a perfect world, the Milwaukee Brewers would secure a left handed starter.

Especially if Josh Hader is going to remain in the bullpen for another year.

If Hader is not in the rotation, that leaves Brent Suter as an in house lefty option to take on a full starting role. Either way between the current rotation, while adding both Hader and Suter, the most experienced pitcher is Chase Anderson with four seasons under his belt. There is a ton of young talent, especially in arms like Brandon Woodruff, but there is a lack of seasoning.

Youth is a wonderful thing in baseball, in fact there is an impressive youth movement throughout the league. But a little experience in a starter could go a long way for the season. So why not go to the extreme to kill two birds with one stone. A lefty who has been around the league, maybe even one who has played for the Milwaukee Brewers before.

CC Sabathia will be hitting the free agent market after the season. While on the surface it may seem like a crazy idea, it is more practical than it leads on. Even though he will be 38 in the coming year, there are some reasons to believe he will fit in Milwaukee.

Recently, a fellow site at FanSided made a few predictions on possible landing spots for Sabathia. While the Brewers were not one of them, they certainly could be. Even at his age, he looked better this season than he has in recent years. He threw to the tune of a 14-5 record. Though it could be considered a fluke based on the years before. Overall, he pitched well in 2017.

With all of the starting pitching on the up and up for the Milwaukee Brewers, they are in a place to sign a one year deal with a veteran. Corbin Burnes is progressing well, Hader looks to be a star, and Woodruff threw great in his short stint.

The last time Sabathia was in a Milwaukee uniform was for 17 starts in 2008. His 11-2 record and 1.65 ERA showed comfort wearing the Brewer Blue.

He was acquired through trade from the Indians. They sent off Matt LaPorta, Zach Jackson, and Rob Bryson. Everything looked in favor of Milwaukee if not the the player to be named later also. Who turned into Michael Brantley.

The Milwaukee Brewers have the money, and the ability to take a year flier on this proven veteran. But, he is 37 right now. His age throws a huge wrench into the reunion. Sabathia will more than likely command a fairly large sum of money due to his good season, and the Cy Young Award on his trophy shelf. It is a move that is possibly less likely than the Giancarlo Stanton move.

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Even with all of the obstacles against it, Sabathia is an option to think about. It would bring a lefty arm into the mix along with an experienced pitcher. In fact, he is currently on a post season team. There is a lot of potential for what a CC reunion could do for the Crew.