Milwaukee Brewers: Could Zack Greinke reunite with the Crew?

MILWAUKEE, WI - OCTOBER 09: Zack Greinke
MILWAUKEE, WI - OCTOBER 09: Zack Greinke /

It is well articulated that the Milwaukee Brewers are in need of a reliable starting pitcher this offseason.

Something to thing about is that a former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher might be on the trading block. Right now, he resides in an Arizona Diamondbacks uniform. Zack Greinke might be landing in a new home for the 2018 season, and the Crew could be the right place.

Another FanSided site looked into the chances of the Diamondbacks keeping their newfound slugger J.D. Martinez. What they found is the it is economically difficult to see happening. So, they have a choice to make. Dump some talent to keep the right fielder, or let him walk to free agency.

The biggest contract to get rid of is Greinke with $34 million owed the next two seasons, followed by an increase to $35 million for two seasons. It is an expense that they may want to move in order to afford Martinez. But that decision is yet to be announced.

Greinke is no stranger to the trade. After starting his career with Kansas City, they dealt him to the Milwaukee Brewers. This deal brought the righty and Yuniesky Betencourt to the Crew. But dealt away Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Jeremy Jeffress, and Jake Odorizzi. A true blockbuster in hindsight.

But wait, there is more. Greinke found himself dealt away by the Brewers in the deal headlined by Jean Segura. As history shows, a Greinke trade is not easy to make. It costs a lot. But luckily for Milwaukee they may have enough.

However, GM David Stearns will be wary of paying that price tag. It will involve a solid amoung of the present and future of the Milwaukee Brewers. This deal would have to come with a discount for it to happen. But the idea of Arizona wanting to send the contract somewhere else at a discount is not entirely crazy. Just slightly.

In a brief career as a Brewer, Greinke was a solid and reliable arm. He posted an ERA in the upper threes. But the key is that he consistently progressed after leaving Milwaukee to become a true ace.

The truth is that now Greinke is an ace he will be even more successful. And the Milwaukee Brewers are in need of that kind of pitcher. While a second tier pitcher will suffice, the ace would be even better. Especially if he comes discounted.

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It is something to think about and keep an eye on moving forward. All of it hinges on what Arizona decides to do with their new star. Should they move to resign Martinez, then Greinke could be a prime trade candidate. But if they decide to let Martinez walk, Greinke will stand pat at the op of the Dbacks rotation.