Milwaukee Brewers: Could Freddy Galvis fit with the Crew?

ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 02: Ben Revere
ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 02: Ben Revere /

While a few teams are still in the midst of playoffs, the Milwaukee Brewers fans are forced to concoct ideas for the offseason with October baseball as background noise.

So, fellow arm chair GMs, you know some of the weaknesses the Milwaukee Brewers need to address prior to the first pitch of 2018. The primary concern should be finding a starting pitcher. But departing free agents leaves a hole at second base to fill as well.

When looking to fill this, I admit to being a little too crazy by suggesting Sir Didi Gregorius. But what about Freddy Galvis from Philadelphia? He could find a new home for a similar reason to why Gregorius might.

The prospect breathing down the shortstop reigns for the Phillies is JP Crawford. After an abysmal first half last season, it may take a huge spring for him to be up immediately. His .211 first half batting average turned quickly to a .285. He dazzled with the bat in Triple A during the second half.

Crawford even saw his first 70 at bats in the MLB, hitting .214 as a September call-up. At one point in time, he was considered a top 3 prospect by MLB Pipeline. However, his poor start dropped his ranking to 53rd.

Despite that, Crawford is a talented hitter. The Phillies were hoping for him to take over at shortstop last season, but his poor performance at the plate hindered that plan. If he can prove he can hit, then the job will fall to him.

So, why does that help the Milwaukee Brewers?

Well, the Phillies current shortstop can play second base. Galvis has played 89 games at the position with a higher range factor than at shortstop. He also has a higher fielding percentage. But, the important thing to note is that he is proficient in the four hole defensively.

Reliability is his calling card. Game in and game out, Galvis will be out there. In 2017 he played all 162 games for Phillies. And 158 the season before that. That is a great attribute to have in a player.

His hitting, however, is not his strongest suit. Galvis posted a .255 batting average in 2017. His career high mark is .263. What value he can provide comes with runners on. His .305 RISP shows that he keeps the line moving and drives runs across the plate. That is a valuable asset to have in the lineup.

The thing about Galvis is that he may come cheaper than a lot of other options. The 27 year old has not established himself as an extremely feared bat though six seasons. And with the Phillies still trying to rebuild, it could mean the Milwaukee Brewers fill a second base void without trading the farm.

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The odds are that Galvis will be on the move. The Phillies know what they have coming, and their reliable shortstop will not come off the bench all too well. So it makes sense for them to trade Galvis for some value. And he would be a great compliment to Orlando Arcia in the Milwaukee Brewers infield.